Monsoon Living

A beautiful homewares collection from near and far

Owner Tash Ireland is no newcomer to the homewares and interiors world, for those who visited Tash’s store at Peppers Creek in the Hunter Valley you’ll remember a space filled with stunning Oriental statement pieces and smaller items for every nook of your home.

Closing the doors on her Hunter Valley showroom in 2010 Tash took a break from the retail scene. Whilst Monsoon Living remained online, when the opportunity came to move into the tiny 187 King Street address in 2016 Tash jumped at it. Inevitably though the 17 square metre space would be outgrown, but not her love for the King Street hub.

Moving just across the road you'll now find Monsoon Living at 174 King St, and after months of hard work and careful design decisions, the result is beyond anything we had expected. With a whole lot more space Tash can now display her stunning collection of art, homewares and statement pieces with plenty of room to move.

Monsoon Living

When asked to describe the collection in the new location Tash said,  

"My range has changed a little, I now stock the European chair brand, Thonet, which is an old world classic, and I’m excited to be their Newcastle stockist. I also have a small selection of stunning pendant lights that add a beautiful contemporary balance to our range. 

"When asked to describe my style I’ve realised the common thread is that every piece, be it from a contemporary designer or an antique, has a story behind it. I’m quite sentimental and love things to be authentic, textured and unique.

“Design and interiors are intuitive, it’s not about having the most expensive furniture or the right brand, it’s about creating a beautiful space that makes you happy, sometimes it can be as simple as lighting a beautiful candle.”

Surrounding the larger feature items, Tash has hand selected an elegant collection of items that she loves and are pure quality. Items such as the gorgeous range of candles by Maison Balzac, the beautiful European bed linen, handwoven baskets, books, throws and woven leather rugs. 

Monsoon Living

Then there are those brass doors that draw you in and can't help but have you wanting to know more, like are they for sale? Sadly the answer is no, and with good reason, Tash explains, 

“I was so excited to restore this beautiful old building but like most terraces, it was long and dark so needed something special at the back to make the space inviting. Initially, I decided on steel and glass panel doors but when discussing my plans with my parents who were antique dealers, they mentioned they knew someone with some antique brass doors. It turns out they were magnificent and have an amazing history.  

Monsoon Living

"Originally designed and built for The State Theatre in Sydney in the 1920s, I believe the brass and glass panelled doors surrounded the lift well. Decades later when the building went through a significant restoration these particular doors were to be scrapped and it was then that my parents' friend salvaged them and has had them ever since. My husband and I have literally spent months restoring them, and the building, but it has been worth the effort.”

Monsoon Living

Whether you're in the market for some beautiful interior items or you're more of a look-but-don't-purchase kind of person Monsoon Living is a must visit.

Monsoon Living

174 King Street, Newcastle NSW 2300

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