Raymond Terrace

King Street Confectionery

Old school chocolates and lollies for you to reminisce with

Raymond Terrace probably isn't the first place that jumps to mind when looking to quell your choccie, coffee or lollie cravings. Yet sitting ever so quietly on a little street overlooking the Hunter River is one of the most decadent and delicious confectionery shops you will ever find.

Walking through the doors of King Street Confectionery you can't help be whisked back to another era, to a sweeter time when kids peddled their pushies with a bunch of coins in their pocket, down to their local corner store for a bag of their favourite lollies.

From the original ribbed milk glass pendant lights, handcrafted wooden bench & glass display cabinets and soothing 1920's tunes. No corner has been cut and every detail considered in this stunning restoration.

Jake and Ingrid are the inspiration and talented duo behind King Street Confectionery, completely transforming the terrace that was originally built in 1883, literally from the piers up.

Jake said that the building was in a pretty sad and depressing state when they first set eyes on it, but nothing that eighteen months of love and hard work couldn't fix.

Ingrid creates and makes all the chocolates by hand which include the classics flavours like mint, orange, vanilla & raspberry and some less traditional such as Chai or Bailey's in White, Rose in Dark and one of the favourites Lemon Myrtle. All smothered in smooth Belgian chocolate, the highest quality only ever being sourced. In addition to the chocolates there are those sticky, delicious sweets that we all know and love like marshmallow, rocky road and the to-die-for light and fluffy musk sticks.

Coffee, the ultimate compliment to chocolate, is of course on offer with Jake serving none other than his brother's Melbourne made blend, Fayale Coffee. Jake is fastidious with each cup he serves ensuring every step is perfectly carried out to produce a fine tasting coffee each time.

In addition to the coffee and chocolate there are the old school confectionery that we all remember as kids, sherbets, strawberry creams, pineapples, milkos and jellybeans all served individually or in a bag ideal for the little kids as much as the big ones.

King Street Confectionery

15 King Street, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324

Today - 0700 - 1200