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STRONG Pilates

Experience the Pilates inspired, cardio infused, full-body workout

It’s not news that Novocastrians are big on their Pilates workouts, with the last few years seeing dozens of Pilates studios open up across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. But what makes each one different from the next?

Well, there’s a new concept that’s arrived in Newcastle and it’s perfect for those who want to love Pilates but are still wanting that cardio-infused, full-body workout. Meet STRONG Pilates and their incredible Pilates beds; the Rowformer.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

Brought to us by Jake Harris and Lily Barnett, the young couple are both passionate about health and wellbeing, so when the opportunity arose to head to Newcastle and bring STRONG to locals, it was a no-brainer.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

Both originally from country NSW, the pair have spent the best part of their 20s climbing the corporate ladder in Sydney, but the laidback lifestyle and friendly nature of Newcastle was always in the back of their minds.

“Taking the leap with STRONG gave us the purpose to make the leap with the move too. So, we packed our bags at the end of 2020 with big bold plans to open as soon as we could. We knew timing would never be perfect, but we believed in the concept and we knew the tight-knit community of Newcastle would love it!

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

“In such uncertain times, STRONG enabled us to immerse ourselves in the community with the aim of also building more of a community with our STRONG humans,” Lily said.

The STRONG concept is the brainchild of Melbourne co-owners and elite fitness industry experts in Australia, Michael Ramsay, and Mark Armstrong. Having been early adopters of the F45 group training movement, the duo went on to own six of the highest-performing studios in Australia.

After moving on from F45, the pair sought out a long-term, sustainable, safe, and low impact model which is what led them to found the STRONG Pilates concept with the Rowformer building the foundation for the concept or Strong.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

“Our plan was also one day be able to build our own community and business around a healthy lifestyle. Making people feel better and make the most of their lives, like we do, is our passion.

“We are proud to be able to bring such an exciting new business model to a NSW regional city first! As advocates for regional and rural areas, we wanted to beat Sydney to it, so Newcastle locals got these opportunities first.”

Jake and Lily purchased the franchise in late 2020 with plenty of hurdles coming their way over 12-months before officially opening the STRONG Pilates studio doors in early December 2021.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

“We had hurdles of finding a large enough site for the immaculately designed studio, demolishing the old fit-out in a lockdown, shipment delays, increased freight costs, and a full rebuild to open the studio doors… it was a two-year whirlwind of a journey, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, we learned so much and are so proud that we pulled it off.”

Having opened up to the public amidst the Omicron variant hitting the shores of Newcastle, the new fitness concept is being received with open arms from keen local fitness goers. After just seven weeks in business, STRONG Pilates Broadmeadow already has such a warm, fun, and welcoming community vibe.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

So, what exactly can you expect at STRONG?

“STRONG is a fitness experience with more. 45 minutes of Pilates-inspired resistance training with a side of rowing. All performed on a Rowformer; think a mega reformer meets rowing machine – for more sweat, more self-care, and more results. Time on the strength end is spent with the lights on to pumping R&B, but when you move to the rower, the lights lower and deep house blasts through the room – so the energy is high!”

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

The Academy-trained, highly qualified STRONG instructors lead a different class each day, taking you through a series of strength exercises and interval rowing. You can look forward to the end of you session as you receive an ice-cold eucalyptus-infused towel to cool off with.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

The new fitness offering is welcoming to everyone and anyone who is down for more in their exercise routine.

“We love seeing the diversity of people coming into the studio and smashing classes. From big fit men, middle-aged women, and Pilates first-timers; there are no limits. We have members from 18-65 years of age and from varying fitness levels.”

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

No day is the same at STRONG, with every class designed to be different. Alternating between focussing on the lower body, upper body, core, or a combination of them all. To browse all the current class offerings, click here.

 The Broadmeadow-based studio offers a range of membership and class passes to get the best experience of STRONG that suits your lifestyle. Whether is an introductory class, or an ongoing membership, STRONG Pilates has you covered.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

Being the first STRONG Pilates studio not only in Newcastle but in NSW as a whole, the young couple behind the Broadmeadow franchise have big plans for the business with hopes to bring STRONG to the locals of Warners Bay sometime in the near future.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

STRONG Pilates Broadmeadow is also counting down the days to their TOUGH LOVE MONTH kicking off from the 21st of February; what is it you ask?

“The goal is 15 sessions in 30 days to feel, look, and be STRONG-er. Where strong-minded meets strong muscles.”

TOUGH LOVE MONTH includes 30 days of unlimited training, access to the TOUGH LOVE Movement Seminar, goal setting, accountability tracking over the 30 days, 1:1 guidance from your STRONG team, and a whole new sense of achievement. Register to find out more.

strong pilates broadmeadow newcastle nsw

So, what are you waiting for?

Drop by Newcastle’s newest and most exciting fitness offering at STRONG Pilates Broadmeadow and experience the workout of an absolute lifetime at the immaculately designed studio.