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Chill Axe

Axe throwing venue now open in Waratah

Need to blow off some steam? Well, you best listen in because there’s a brand-new offering in Newcastle that’s absolutely going to help blow off some steam – meet Chill Axe! Newcastle’s very own axe-throwing venue.

Opening in Waratah back in November, the venue offers exactly what the name suggests; axe throwing!

chill axe axe throwing venue waratah newcastle nsw

Brought to us by Jesse Mount, a creative from Canberra was looking for a bit of a lifestyle change when he alongside his business partner decided to bring some fun activities to the people of Canberra.

“I thrive in bringing people together through memorable experiences and bringing fun to the party… one was an axe-throwing venue which has been up and running for the last three years and the other one is an escape room which has been running for seven years,” Jesse shared.

Having family from here in Newcastle, when they were visiting Jesse in Canberra, he thought, why not give them a chance at axe throwing? They enjoyed it so much they suggested he open one in Newcastle. Within a month, he was well underway of setting up the business.

chill axe axe throwing venue waratah newcastle nsw

“Axe throwing is a really unique activity which is a bit out of the box compared to other group activities you can usually do. I noticed that there weren’t any axe-throwing venues here and thought it would be a great idea to bring this experience to the people of Newcastle.”

chill axe axe throwing venue waratah newcastle nsw

After a good eight months of bringing it all together, Chill Axe Newcastle officially opened on the 20th of November 2021, right in time for the Christmas party season.

Guests book in with a group of friends, family, or colleagues, and are given a full run-through with a Chill Axe staff member before you get throwing. From how to handle the axes safely and how to throw them; even the complete newbies will be armed with the right information to nail their technique.

“Once everyone has had a few practice throws, you get to have a friendly competition between your group. Our staff will score your game and give you some helpful pointers on how to improve your throws as you go. At the end, the two highest scorers will battle it out to determine the one and only axe-throwing champ!”

chill axe axe throwing venue waratah newcastle nsw

Chill Axe allows players from 13+ years to play (under 18’s will need to be accompanied by an adult), and sessions run anywhere from 1.5-2.5hrs depending on your groups size. Whether it’s a work event, birthday party, bucks or hens nights; all lumberjacks and lumberjills are welcome to try it out!