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The Gin Experience

Unique mobile cocktail bar experience

With restrictions having lifted over the past few weeks, it’s got everyone moving forward with planning upcoming events whether that be parties, weddings, and all kinds of functions; but where to start?

Once you’ve got your venue booked, got a date and a time locked in, what’s next? Your drinks of course! If you’re needing someone to take care of keeping your party crew well hydrated, you’ve got to check out Newcastle’s newest mobile cocktail bar, The Gin Experience!

the gin experience mobile cocktail bar newcastle nsw

Brought to us by fellow gin lovers, Seth, Emma, and Kent, this unique mobile cocktail bar experience is due to launch here in Newcastle this December, so if you’re in need of some boozy beverage options for your event, get in quick before they book out for the festive season!

“I wanted to do an activity completely different to what I have been doing for the last 30 years. I love being outside in the weather, I enjoy the company of most human beings, and soon discovered the variety of excellent gins being produced in Australia. I enjoy the idea of pop-up coffee vans and the ‘farmer’s market’ type atmosphere. I considered what gaps in the pop-up market were there, and Gin seemed to be an exceptional opportunity,” Kent said.

“I took the opportunity with glee and began the project ‘The Gin Experience’. A few months in, Emma Calcamuggi found me, near the finish line of her International Business studies and we partnered up,” Seth shared.

This local business is perfect for true gin lovers, who aren’t just needing any old cocktail but love a locally crafted and deliciously mixed gin and tonic. Offering a range of high-quality Australian made gin, with three-quarters of their offering coming right here from Newcastle and Crescent Head.

the gin experience mobile cocktail bar newcastle nsw

“It is imperative to us that we showcase the local flavours available, the authenticity and creativity present in all our gins. Pairing our gins with the best tonic in the market, Fever-Tree, we implement their famous flavour wheel to ensure a diverse range of flavours available to you.”

Currently, The Gin Experience will be serving up drinks with gins from Newcastle-based Earp Distilling Co, Ink Gin from Husk Distillers in Northern NSW, Hellfire Bluff and Sheep Whey in Tasmania, and Maria River Distillery from Crescent Head.

So, what exactly is The Gin Experience?

“In these crazy times, we want to create a small utopia, great people, great drinks, great music, and food. We offer games, laughs and professional information on the history of gin and the mixology behind each cocktail.

“The concept behind the gin experience is to create, congregate and communicate, we want to create a space for you and your friends to come and enjoy a drink, have a laugh, and listen to good music. We are working closely with local distillers to master the art of the gin and tonic it is imperative to us that we support and champion the craftsmen behind each of these amazing products.”

the gin experience mobile cocktail bar newcastle nsw

The duo has crafted three individual experience options that are suitable for groups anywhere from 15 guests all the way through to 250+ guests. Party planners can choose from The Cocktail-Esque Experience, The Happy Days Experience, or The Full Experience; for full package details, click here.

“We aim to cover all the bases from small parties to large events. We have three customisable package deals which are available to you upon booking. From live music, professional photography, and a personalised cocktail menu to suit your preferences.”

The best part? The Gin Experience team are happy to travel 400kms from Newcastle to bring you your event, and even further if need be!

the gin experience mobile cocktail bar newcastle nsw

“Gin is becoming hugely acclaimed in Australia and we wanted to showcase the wide array of local knowledge and passion with some of the most unique and tastiest gins available to you. We want to highlight the smaller types of local distilleries as well as the local flavours you know and love.”

So, this is a call out to all those across Newcastle who are big lovers of all things gin and need a beverage offering for their upcoming event. Check out The Gin Experience and await for their big launch happening in the coming weeks.

The Gin Experience