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7 Pearls Dental

Discover Wickham's boutique dental clinic

The world of dental has significantly changed over the last 20+ years, and no longer are we plagued with nightmares of the dental chair and falling out teeth. Instead, dentistry has become a crucial part of not only our health and well-being but a part of our cosmetic appearance.

With that, comes the growth of dental clinics creating unique, bespoke, and boutique environments. One local venue, in particular, has become known across Newcastle for its boutique space and top-tier service and treatment offering, the Wickham-based dental clinic, 7 Pearls Dental.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

With Dr. Anish Malesu at the helm, alongside his dedicated and enthusiastic team of dentists (Dr. Shalini Ashwath, Dr. Emily Nadwie, and Dr. Heather Oesterheld), dental assistants, and receptionists, the patient experience of 7 Pearls Dental is unlike any other. From Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones and Netflix on the ceiling to IV Sedation, smile makeovers, and so much more, the Wickham clinic is changing the game when it comes to dentistry.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw
Director of 7 Pearls Dental - Dr Anish Malesu

Originally from the Caribbean, Anish and his family moved to Sydney over 20 years ago where he went on to complete his Bachelor of Dentistry at the University of Sydney before moving into the workforce on the Central Coast and officially landing in Newcastle in 2018.

“It was always on the cards to open my own practice. I love Newcastle and as soon as I saw this space and what the potential was for the area, I just went all in,” Anish shared.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

The bespoke clinic is located in the heart of Wickham within the new WestEnd Precinct, just a few short minutes’ walk from the Newcastle Interchange. The ground floor venue boasts three dental chairs and is the go-to for offering all things dentistry under one roof.

“Because we offer so many different services, we do what we call internal referrals. We offer so much here under the one roof, we try to keep it as convenient for the patient as possible.”

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

The boutique-style practice offers a unique dental experience, giving each and every patient a personalised and positive appointment. Walk-in and be treated by the ever-so-bubbly reception team and take a seat in the fresh and modern designed seating area.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

Anish is a true believer in how teeth can play a vital role in the way individuals feel, look, and their overall health. Providing professional and comprehensive care to meet individual needs, the 7 Pearls Dental team caters to all groups with their broad array of services and treatments.

The name, 7 Pearls Dental, plays into exactly what the business offers. Covering the 7 core groups of dentistry, patients can explore general dentistry, cosmetics, dentures, orthodontics, root canal, implants, and even oral surgery all under one roof. For more information on all the services available, click here.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

“We do a whole range of treatments, hence the name 7 Pearls Dental. There are 7 ‘pearls’ that are dedicated to specific areas of dentistry treatment. We focus on the whole spectrum of treatments.”

Getting that perfect smile has become increasingly popular with people of all ages, but with young professionals at the forefront dedicated to their cosmetic appearance. Improving the appearance of your teeth and gums can give you that confidence boost you’ve been searching for, and 7 Pearls Dental offers a full range of cosmetic dentistry including veneers, crowns, teeth whitening, implants, and clear aligners & braces.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

“The cosmetic services have grown so much over recent years and I think a lot of that has come from social media. It’s driven people to consider pursuing their ideal smile. It’s a really good thing because it’s gearing people towards a healthy lifestyle.

“A lot of people think they’re just straightening their teeth for cosmetic reasons, but it’s so much more than that. It’s actually functional and lifelong. A lot of what I teach patients before doing orthodontic work is that we’re doing this because your teeth will actually last longer.”

If you’re wanting to look at your options for a smile makeover, the team at 7 Pearls Dental actually offers a no-obligation FREE 30-minute consultation to walk you through your options and rough pricing. Interested? Click here for more information.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

Now, do you consider amongst the many that are extra anxious when it comes to visiting the dentist? Well, first off, you are absolutely not alone. Secondly, 7 Pearls Dental has put so many factors in place to ensure your experience is as relaxed and anxiety-free as possible.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

First and foremost, the team is incredibly friendly and reassuring; that alone can help put some at ease. In addition, each dental room comes complete with Bluetooth noise-canceling headphones which are connected to the ceiling-fitted TVs complete with Netflix. How good is that, you can be distracted and catch up on the latest episode of your current TV show.

For those that are a little bit extra anxious about their upcoming appointment, the team has gone that extra mile and is offering a service that is otherwise difficult to find across Newcastle; IV Sedation.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

“It’s only available on certain days, but what happens is an anesthetist will come by and sedate the patient in what we call twilight sedation, allowing us to do all the treatment required but for the patient to be in a relaxed state.”

As the local dental clinic is open 7 days per week, they also offer an open-door policy for emergency dental, filling that gap where most people would usually wait for not just hours, but days to get into their own dentists.

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

Wanting to make your dental experience as stress-free and easy as possible, 7 Pearls Dental also has a unique offering with patients living and/or working within a 5km radius of the venue able to book a FREE uber to the clinic.

“We believe in convenience. That’s why if you live or work within 5 kilometres of our Wickham practice, we will provide you with a free Uber ride to and from your appointment.”

7 pearls dental clinic wickham newcastle nsw

The whole philosophy of the Wickham clinic is to provide patients with an easy-going, comprehensive, personalised, stress-free, and professional dental experience. So, whether you’re on the lookout for a new family dentist, wanting to pursue your ideal smile, or are desperately in need of some dental work, drop by 7 Pearls Dental in Wickham and explore your options.