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Newcastle’s premier boating experience is taking you to see the whales!

The first humpback whales are set to be passing our coastline around May, which officially kicks off the CoastXP whale watching season, Newcastle's accredited quality and sustainable tourism business.

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Each year, humpback whales that have spent the summer in Antarctica make the epic 5000km+ journey north to Queensland to breed. Here in Newcastle, we enjoy a prime position on the Humpback Highway. Whales can be spotted any time from May until November, peaking with the northern migration in June and July, then again in September and October as the whales head south with their calves. 

coastxp newcastle nsw

This year is shaping up to be one of the best whale seasons yet and CoastXP offer you a front row seat to this natural phenomime. If you enjoy spotting whales from the shore, you will love getting up close and personal on the water in CoastXP's custom-built boat Atmos.

Owner and operator Dominic May (Dom) launched CoastXP in 2018 with the sole purpose being to focus on the Humpback Whale migration.

With the fast adventure boat, CoastXP can position themselves in the best spot to enjoy these magnificent creatures, without disturbing them. The view from water level is thrilling! It's not unusual to watch the whales frolic and play. 

Humpback whales regularly engage in a variety of surface behaviours, from slapping their tail or pectoral fins on the water to launching their whole bodies out of the water in a full breach. Communicating with vocalisations but also using their bodies – 40 tonnes hitting the water makes a big splash and a big noise underwater, saying to other whales, “here I am”.

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The humpback population is booming with more than 35,000 passing by our coastline each and every year.

coastxp newcastle nsw

With Atmos allowing only a limited number, guests have plenty of room on board to spread out and take in all the whales, dolphins and key destination landmarks.

COASTXP Encounter Tour

Your Encounter Tour includes;

  • 2 hour premier whale watching experience
  • Unobstructed 360° views of Newcastle
  • Local knowledge about the Newcastle coastline
  • Comfortable and safe eco-tourism vessel
  • Premium waterproof jackets provided

Cost: Adult - $125 | Child - $99 (3 - 12 years)
To Book: click here

Happy whale watching!

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