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Our guide to finding the Newcastle beach for you

While we're partial to all of Newcastle's excellent beaches, they certainly each have their own distinctive vibe.

If you're new to Newcastle and not across our beach culture, we've put together this guide to help you find your perfect patch of sand.

The Adventurer – Stockton Beach
Noun: A person who enjoys and seeks adventure.

Let’s face it: unless you live in Stockton, the likelihood of you driving there to go to the beach is pretty slim, however, if you’re the adventurous type it’s the perfect playground.

With some of the biggest sand dunes on the east coast, the fascinating Tin City, heaps of room to spread out, an abundance of adventure activities, and some serious surfing for those who dare, Stockton Beach is the place for the adventurous type.

The Animal Lover – Horseshoe Beach
Noun: Someone who loves animals – pretty self-explanatory!

If you’re a self-confessed dog lover, this inner-city beach is for you. It’s fair to say Newcastle has quite an obsession with dogs, so it’s no surprise that dog owners have a beach dedicated to their fur babies.

Sitting at the mouth of the harbour, Horseshoe Beach is not necessarily a place humans will choose to take a dip at, but the dogs, and occasionally even horses, love it! Be warned though, on hot days it gets busy.

The Doer – Nobbys Beach
Noun: A person who acts rather than merely talking or thinking.

If you’re the type of person who goes to the beach with the purpose of doing something, Nobbys Beach ticks all the boxes. It’s where your family picnics spill onto the beach, the kids learn to surf, and the competitiveness of beach volleyball takes on a life of its own.

If you get sick of the sand, take a walk along the breakwall up to Nobbys Lighthouse or just hang out at the picnic tables and order yourself something delicious from Swell Kiosk.

The Misfit – Newcastle Beach
Noun: somehow who is not suited to a situation or who is not accepted by others because their behaviour is unusual.

Over the years Newcastle Beach has built the reputation of being the hang-out of rebellious teenagers and out-of-towners. But between the Canoe Pool, the Ocean Baths, Cowrie Hole for the surfers, the more secluded South Newcastle, and multiple cafes, the Newcastle Beach scene is fast broadening its clientele. There's a spot for every misfit here.

The Practical Beach Goer – Bar Beach
Noun: shows concern for what is practical.

If your visits to the beach usually involve lugging a truckload of stuff, mostly for the kids, taking the easy option is important. With its kid-friendly swimming area, a kiosk that covers all dietary requirements, and the added advantage of having the biggest beach car park in Newcastle, Bar Beach is the practical person's choice.

The Laid-Back Beachie – Dixon Park Beach
Noun: Relaxed and easy-going.

Dixon Park Beach has to be the most chill of all Newcastle beaches. Spread out on the sand (or on the grass up near the Surf Club), catch up with your mates, and soak up the relaxed vibes. Perfect for people who want to set up an umbrella and kick back for the afternoon. The swimming is nearly always great at Dixon too!

The Active-Wearer – Merewether Beach
Noun: One who takes their athleisure attire as seriously as their fitness regime.

Welcome to the Bondi (or Venice Beach) of Newcastle, where getting fit blurs with looking hot! Whether it’s running, swimming, some spontaneous yoga or just getting the guns out whilst sipping your coffee and chowing down on a poke or acai bowl, Merewether is where it’s at.

This is where all those in their activewear hang out, with more people strutting their stuff along John Parade than enjoying a dip in the ocean. You can’t help but enjoy the people watching in this neck of the woods.

The Chilled Nature-Lover – Dudley Beach
Noun: A person who appreciates the natural world. 

For those who like to avoid the hectic and appreciate the natural things in life. Frequented mostly by locals, and those who fish, Dudley Beach also attracts the odd backpacker keen to check out the rock pool and blowhole action.

One thing to note – Dudley Beach isn't patrolled so only get wet if you know what you're doing in the waves.