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Skip's Deli

Fresh, loaded sandwiches, toasties, sweet treats, and coffee in Lambton

Have you spotted a cartoon sandwich waving at you on Lambton’s Griffiths Road lately?

The retro-style signage belongs to Skip’s Deli, a brand new deli that’s slinging out fresh, loaded sandwiches, toasties, sweet treats, and coffee.

Brought to you by Newcastle local Lachlan Russ, Skip’s Deli has been in the works for two years.

skip's deli lambton newcastle
Skip's Deli Owner Lachlan Russ

“I’ve always wanted to open a little deli, and I was waiting for a Newcastle space. I was hoping no one would open a deli in the past two years, because I had the Skip’s Deli business plan. I’ve just been waiting and waiting to find the right spot,” Lachlan said.

Turns out that spot was the industrial area on Griffiths Road – a smart move, considering the amount of people passing through and few good lunch options in the area. Plus, having previously managed the former Rosa Bar on Elder Street, Lachlan knew the Lambton community would be a good fit for Skip’s.

skip's deli lambton newcastle

“There’s such a good community feel in Lambton, it’s very family-oriented, and there’s a lot of young people now coming too.”

skip's deli lambton newcastle

The space was formerly a takeaway that wasn’t in the greatest of states when Lachlan took over the lease, and he only had six weeks to turn the space into the cheery, old-school-style deli it is today. 

Officially opening on November 29, 2023, Skip’s Deli has certainly filled the gap in easy, tasty lunch options in the area – the food is great to eat on the run, super flavoursome, and filling.

There’s the section of the menu dedicated to fresh sandwiches – or freshies – each served on a crusty tiger roll and filled with goodness. The roast pork, with apple sauce, chilli paste, cheddar, cucumber, pickled onion, and rocket, has been a best-seller already, as has the prosciutto and salami, with cucumber, rocket, tomato, red onion, burrata, dill pickles, and mayo. 

skip's deli lambton newcastle

An unexpected addition to the freshies menu? The crisp sandwich.

“I’m not sure if you had them growing up, but it’s just potato chips on white bread with butter, and we sprinkle a bit of cheese on top. We just decided to give that a crack, and it’s been really popular.”

We’ll take one to go, please!

If you’re craving a hot sandwich, look to the toasties section of the menu. There’s classics like a Reuben, and ham and cheese, but they’re a bit fancier than usual – you’ll find provolone, mozzarella, and house-made tomato chutney on the ham and cheese.

If the sandwiches weren’t enough, Skip’s also has a selection of pies, pastries, and sausage rolls, sweet treats like cookies and donuts, and a bacon and egg roll for brekky.

skip's deli lambton newcastle

The coffee isn’t to be missed either – Lachlan and the team are pouring Veneziano’s Coffee Roasters’ Crave blend. And if you’re a cappuccino drinker, you’re in for a treat with proper chocolate shavings on top.

“I did steal the chocolate from [sister-in-law] Maggie at Little Black Pony for the cappuccinos – sorry Maggie, but it’s just too bloody good.”

We almost forgot – where did the name Skip’s come from?

skip's deli lambton newcastle

“My dad calls my mum Skip. I thought it was a quick, fun name. I’ve always had Skip’s – since I was about 18 I reckon – for a business name.”

It certainly suits this sunny little deli – and with Lachlan contemplating a Skip’s Deli 2.0 in the future, here’s hoping there’s more goodness to come.

Skip's Deli

9/31 Griffiths Rd, Lambton, NSW, 2299

Today - 0600 - 1400