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Cryo King

Newcastle CBD’s premier health & wellness clinic

In the heart of Newcastle’s CBD, lies a hidden secret that only those who live and work in the health and wellbeing industries know about. Offering a selective range of services aimed to bring your body into its best self; meet Newcastle’s premier health and wellness facility - Cryo King.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

The almost 12-month-old business has been changing the game when it comes to our health and wellbeing with its state-of-the-art technology and services available offering individuals the opportunity to reach their optimal physical health.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

Brought to you by health and wellness enthusiasts, Andrew Sorensen, and Angela Perrotta, originally from the Central Coast and Adelaide respectively, the couple has built a unique offering in Newcastle unlike anything seen here before.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

Offering a range of treatments and services that individuals were otherwise having to travel to Sydney and beyond for prior to their opening. Following some time living overseas and having spent some time with the Wim ‘the Iceman’ Hoff, Andrew and his concept for Cryo King slowly started to take shape.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

“There was nothing of this sort of offering here in Newcastle, and I refuse to believe that we need big pharmaceuticals to keep us healthy. My belief is that the body has the ability to heal itself, and Angela with her education and experience has the same belief,” Andrew shared.

As a qualified Chiropractor, Angela has studied continuously over the past eight years having focussed on applied kinesiology and gaining her Diploma in Paediatrics, has a true passion for working with individuals on their personal health journeys.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

The pair, having met through mutual clients, bonded over their mutual interests, and aligned industries, and before long the Cryo King offering expanded.

“Whilst Angela is very hands-on with how she heals the body, the machinery we have here basically supercharges the bodies’ natural processes.”

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

So, what exactly can Cryo King do for you? Whether you’re a fitness freak, a wellness warrior, balanced beauty, a keen biohacker, or your average joe blow, the services on offer at Cryo King are well worth checking out.

From their top-of-the-line cryotherapy machine, infrared sauna, and red LED therapy to their body sculpting, oxygen massage, and newly added chiropractic and applied kinesiology services; Cryo King packs a huge wellness punch.

“We have a number of different services here, but our purpose here is to help people live at their optimal health; whatever that might be for them,” Andrew shared.


This incredible machine exposes the body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes stimulating blood circulation which triggers many health benefits including accelerated healing, anti-aging, weight loss, stress relief, and more.

“Our cryotherapy uses a TGA-approved device which will chill the body down to minus 130 degrees Celsius; that helps with your immune system. The machine helps trigger the vagus nerve response which helps build white blood cells which are basically your soldier cells that help your body fight any infections.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

“A cryotherapy session is great for stress reduction, quality of life, and anti-aging. Reduction of inflammation is the primary thing that this machine does, and all illness stems from inflammation in the body. It really does help with the general well-being of people.”

Infrared Sauna 

A fairly common find across Newcastle, the Infrared Sauna has increased in popularity offering a cost, colourful, and cathartic sweat session. Unlike a traditional steam sauna, the Infrared Sauna offers a more comfortable experience by directly warming your body, allowing the heat to penetrate more deeply.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

“Our infrared sauna is the most advanced that you can get with the lowest emf radiation possible. This particular unit uses near, mid, and far infrared, so it heats right the way through the body to the deep tissue. It doesn’t use water to heat up the environment, it’s really heating you from the inside out which gives you great detoxification.” 

Red LED Therapy

This rather visually pleasing therapy has already made waves in the beauty industry, but did you know it can benefit your whole body? Individuals can bathe their whole body with Cryo King’s Red LED lights, with benefits including faster healing, immunity-boosting, anti-aging, mood enhancement, muscle recovery, and so much more.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

“The machine uses five different wavelengths of light to penetrate from the skin right through to the bone in order to do deep tissue healing. There are also a lot of studies that show that the red light actually turns off the t2 inflammation receptor which is helping people that suffer from IBS or other gut issues.” 

Body Sculpting

As the name suggests, Cryo King’s body sculpting services offer the individual the opportunity to create their desired body shape through their cryo-t-shock body shaping system. Utilising heat and cold shock therapy, this service is perfect for individuals looking to achieve anti-aging and slimming results without invasive surgery or cosmetic injectables.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

The ultimate treatment for those who can’t quite shake certain zones on their body through diet and exercise. Through an initial consultation, the team will create a tailored Body Sculpting package suitable for your own individual goals.  

“It is great for skin-tightening after childbirth or extreme weight loss. It helps the skin build more collagen so that it has more elasticity, and it also does fat-freezing, which will freeze fat pockets to help you achieve your body shape goals.”

Oxygen Massage

This unique bodysuit is the latest in pressure therapy massage technology and is the go-to for soothing sore muscles, shifting cellulite, boosting metabolism, and burning fat. Delivering tailored pressure therapy massages combined with the inhalation of air enriched with oxygen.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

“It has a number of different massage settings, but the primary one that we use is a lymphatic drainage setting. These days, a lot of people aren’t moving enough, we’re spending our days at desks and the lymphatic system is where all the toxins go out through our body. This massage actually helps massage the lymphatic system and drain the actual fluid and extra toxins out of the body.”

Chiropractic & Applied Kinesiology

In addition to their range of wellbeing equipment, Cryo King also offers chiropractic with Angela. With her whole mission aimed at reducing the amount of stress on the nervous system, her appointments will see a combination of applied kinesiology and neuro-emotional techniques alongside a chiropractic service.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

“If we don’t have as much stress on our system, our body is going to heal better and easier, which will give it the ability to do what it was designed to do,” Angela shared.

cryo king health and wellness clinic king st newcastle nsw

Whether you’re on the lookout for expanding your health awareness, needing help targeting a particular concern, or want to chat to someone about your options, drop by Cryo King in Newcastle’s CBD for a no-obligation consultation and get started on your journey to better health.

Cryo King

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