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Playstate Curate Gallery

Islington-based gallery lovingly curated by Jordan Lucky & Isaac Whitten

It’s absolutely no surprise to hear that Newcastle’s creative scene continues to boom, with emerging artists seemingly popping up on the daily, exhibitions happening left, right, and centre, workshop and studio spaces growing across Newcastle and its surrounds, and even the gallery world coming into its own.

Islingtont is now home to Playstate Curate Gallery, by local muralist Jordan Lucky and good friend and fellow creative, Isaac Whitten.

Launched on the 28th of January 2022 alongside Jordan’s own artwork showcase, Playstate Curate Gallery is here to change the game when it comes to how the community engages with a traditional art gallery venue.

playstate curate gallery jordan lucky newcastle west nsw

“The idea behind Playstate Curate is to capture the essence of a Gallery experience but also to redefine the rules of how a gallery should work, look, and feel. The transformative concept is to create a space for Jordan’s art, and other street artists to create, exhibit and celebrate their works within an indoor environment.

“The walls, floors, and ceiling may even form part of these epic artworks. The concept of the gallery is a little bit like a pop-up event or food experience. Come and see it quickly before the whole space is painted over and transformed by another artist.”

Playing host to not only a number of exhibitions Playstate Curate will also be home to a constantly rotating selection of workshops, events, and so much more. 

playstate curate gallery jordan lucky newcastle west nsw

“In time, we will host a number of other creative workshops in our space that don’t specifically involve drawing or painting… not only do we hold creative events and workshops, but we have welcomed Yoga and Sacred dance into our space too.”

What's more, is this local creative hub is so much more than a creative space, being home to Playstate Supply, Newcastle's go-to art supply store run by Gethin Rowlands. 

Playstate Curate is a hub for local artists to create, express, and connect through their works. Through artists' exhibitions, regular workshops, and events, the team behind Playstate Curate is currently open for exhibition bookings for the remainder of 2022. Interested? Drop Gallery Manager and Events Coordinator, Sophie Casey a line! To stay up-to-date on all things Playstate Curate, make sure to follow them on their journey here!

Playstate Curate Gallery

68 Fern Street, Islington, NSW, 2296

Today - 1000 -1700