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Akasha Brewing Company takes over Newcastle West favourite, The Edwards

Award-winning independent brewery Akasha announces new hospitality experience with The Edwards of Newcastle. The successful Five Dock brewery extends its hospitality footprint in NSW following the acquisition of the popular Newcastle establishment, The Edwards.

Sydney-based craft brewery Akasha has announced it will be taking over the reins of the celebrated Newcastle venue, The Edwards, in the regional city’s West End. It follows the successful launch of The Barrel Room by Akasha in October 2022, on Leichhardt’s Norton Street, Sydney.

Founded by former Silverchair bassist Chris Joannou in 2014, The Edwards has garnered critical acclaim for its contributions to Newcastle’s food and hospitality scene.

the edwards bar and restaurant akasha brewing company newcastle west nsw

Akasha founder Dave Padden says that the move opens an exciting new chapter for the brewery and that Newcastle – and The Edwards in particular – proved a natural fit for Akasha, founded in Five Dock, Sydney in 2015.

“We’ve always had a very strong following in Newcastle, and it always felt like a natural next location,” says Padden, who had been scouting possibilities in the area for some time when The Edwards opportunity became available.

“We were looking for a ground-up venue, but then I met Chris. When we first met and he walked us through The Edwards, we hit it off as we share very similar views on life and hospitality. It was all I imagined and better.”

“We spent a lot of time and energy building a place that was based around all walks of life and communities. We’ve built a loyal customer base, staff, and internal culture, and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved,” says Joannou of The Edwards’ place in Newcastle’s hospitality scene.

Adding to the hospitality offering already in place at The Edwards, Akasha plans to build a brewery facility on site, capable of locally producing 100,000 litres annually of its hop-forward beers, many of which will be exclusive to the Newcastle venue.

Regarding the purchase of The Edwards by Akasha, Joannou says that “having two entities come together, built upon very similar passions and beliefs, can only be a good thing”, and that he’s “looking forward to this next phase of The Edwards and Akasha building great things together in Newcastle.”

Of primary importance for both Padden and Joannou is the continuation of The Edwards’ existing culture and community relationships.

“We’re buying it because we love it, not because we want to change it. We love the culture, the team, and everything about it, and are passionate about continuing and enhancing the existing local relationships The Edwards and Akasha have established,” says Padden.

It’s a vote of confidence from Padden in the resurgence of Newcastle and its West End in particular, which has seen a marked increase in investment and development over the last few years.

Joannou, who relocated to Coffs Harbour in recent years to spend more time with family, will remain closely involved during the transition period.

“I’m going to be sticking around and joining in on all things The Edwards. The venue will always hold a special place in my heart, and no doubt will always be in my life in some way.”