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Hold on to your coffees because HuskeeSwap has come to Newcastle

Ever wondered if you could drink your coffee from a cup that is made from coffee? Seems too good to be true right? Huskee have made it possible.

So, what is HuskeeSwap?

The Swap system is so simple.

- Buy a cup.
- Drop your HuskeeCup and lid at a HuskeeSwap cafe site.
- Order your coffee.
- Pick-up coffee in a clean HuskeeCup.

We sat down with the brand’s General Manager, Nicole Barnes to chat all things Huskee.

“You don't have to feel guilty for not cleaning your cup. It helps with hygiene and sanitisation. It is also super convenient,” Nicole told me.

Huskee began through a passion to rid the world of single use coffee cups and create a sustainable space for coffee drinkers alike.

“There was this deep drive to see the industry become more sustainable, and to offer solutions at every stage of the supply chain.”

The cup itself features up to 50% coffee husk as a raw material, bound with polypropylene to enable durability for thousands of swaps. With the aim to eliminate the 600 billion takeaway cups that pile up in landfill each year.

“To achieve this we need a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange in a single cup. The HuskeeCup.”

The team at Huskee have got quite a soft spot for Newcastle, with Nicole calling our town her own home just a few years ago.

“We love the culture. It's a beautiful mix between the city and a small coastal town. By the beach, people care about sustainability. The cafe owners have a lot of integrity caring about the supply chain.”

To get on board, all you need to do is buy a HuskeeCup and start ordering your coffee from a cafe taking part in HuskeeSwap. To make life easy for you, we’ve gone ahead and listed them below!