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Overlooking Newcastle Beach this cafe has it all

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Estabar needs little introduction. Even if you're new to Newcastle, chances are that your list of coffee must-visits will include that café opposite Newcastle Beach. With its new makeover, Estabar is looking spick and span, with recycled timber cabinets from the Adamstown RSL dance floor and new sexy charcoal colour throughout.

Estabar, Newcastle cafe and gelato | HUNTERhunter

So how is it that Estabar has managed to pump out the espressos and gelatos, non-stop, for nine years? Well the secret ingredient seems to be its simplicity and commitment to providing customers with a perfect mix of nutritious food and fresh flavours. And of course there is business owner Bec Bowie and her passion for providing a delightful café experience.

Estabar, Newcastle cafe and gelato | HUNTERhunter

Estabar has come a long way from the vegemite sandwiches and pastries that it served in the early days, with Bec saying, "Originally it was all about the espresso and gelato." Over time the food has evolved as has Bec's passion for creating a menu that's focused on seasonal produce and wholefood.

The clever balance of fresh produce means that even the humble avocado with lemon is a must have.

In 2007 Bec travelled to New York City to attend The Natural Gourmet Institute, not only was this an amazing life experience, but it was here that Bec discovered the benefits of eating naturally and healthy. The Institute enabled Bec to take her home cooking skills to a business level and learn about the curious flavour combinations of salty, savoury, sour and sweet. More importantly what the Institute focused on were the teachings around sustainable cooking and cooking seasonally. A philosophy Bec now lives and breathes by, and shares with her staff and customers.

Estabar, Newcastle cafe and gelato | HUNTERhunter

Bec puts her heart and soul into every project she takes on which perhaps explains how Estabar has managed to stay fresh and interesting for so long. Quality has always been the key, and perhaps why the regulars keep coming back, with all products sourced from provedores who are artisan in their approach. Like their delicious gelato that is made by an Italian family in Sydney who have four generations of gelato making behind them. The coffee in your cup is Sydney based Single Origin Roasters, whose sustainable approach to business and commitment to developing strong relationships with farmers from around the world share a like-minded philosophy to that of Bec's.

Estabar, Newcastle cafe and gelato | HUNTERhunter

So if your one of the few that haven't experienced Estabar yet, perhaps today is the day and you should drop in for a coffee, a bite to eat and soak up some of that fresh sea air from Newcastle Beach.

Estabar, Newcastle cafe and gelato | HUNTERhunter

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