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Cocoa Nib

Arrives at The Junction

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Hunter Valley’s favourite chocolaterie, Cocoa Nib, has finally found its way to us here in Newcastle
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Cocoa Nib first opened their doors in the Hunter Valley at Keith Tulloch Wine, chocolate lovers rejoiced for Aymee’s quality artisan chocolate.

Officially opening their doors at Junction Fair on the 18 Dec, the new space has a modern, stylish feel and we’re so happy to see these guys bringing their craft into Newcastle!

“I was looking for a new space where we could relocate our kitchen to so people could watch us work, it is one of the questions we get asked all the time at our Pokolbin store is do we make it there and can they have a look.

“I was in chatting with Leonie from The Essential Ingredient one day after we had been looking at sites on King Street and she said, ‘what about next door’, I had never really taken any notice but there was a site that had been empty for a while.”


The Junction Fair store isn’t at all a copy and paste of what you might see happening up in the Hunter Valley. You’ll of course still be able to get your hands-on Cocoa Nib’s essential chocolate, but the styling of the store and the offerings are much much more! 

“We have launched a new range of dessert jars which will change seasonally…cakes and tarts and our delicious hot chocolate will be coming in the next few weeks!”


Working in the very pretty world of pastry, Aymee makes it her job to ensure each product that leaves the kitchen comes out looking just as good as it tastes. Her attention to detail, both in product and packaging is fastidious to say the least. Making for a beautiful chocolate experience.


Not to mention that the shop looks as good as the products within it! Don’t forget to take a peek into the pink prep room as Aymee, alongside her talented crew make the best chocolate across town!


“We are extremely excited to make Newcastle the heart of our production. Really love the reaction of passing customers stopping to watch us produce our products.

“I really love to be available on site to represent my business. We are hoping that Newcastle will embrace us and love our products as much as we do.”


The Junction Fair
The Junction 2291
(02) 4998 7350
Cocoa Nib
Mon 10am - 5pm
Tue 10am - 5pm
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Sat 10am - 5pm
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1: -32.937535
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