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Fried Chicken Goodness | Inside The Cambridge

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Sister restaurant of Newy Burger Co.
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If you’ve been living under a rock you might have missed these guys opening back in early October, so we’re here to give you all the mouth-watering, drool-worthy information you need to know about Newcastle’s newest fried chicken joint.

Newy Burger Co, one of Newcastle’s most loved burger institutions, has finally opened up a sister restaurant and I’m telling you now, it was worth the wait! Chicken Cartel brings some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted in my life to Newcastle as well as some delectable desserts. Ben and Nick are the two blokes behind Newy Burger Co, and they’ve had plans for over three years about opening up a sister concept, but just couldn’t find the right fit.

“We were going to open up a sister concept years ago. We had the plan of what we wanted to do but trying to do something new in Newcastle is really hard at the moment. With the light rail, and businesses shutting down everywhere it was really hard to decide where we would put it. We’ve been East, we’ve been West, we’ve been central. We’ve even been to Honeysuckle.

“We knew we wanted to do fried chicken because when we started Newy Burger Co, five and a half years ago, no one was really doing burgers on their own, and it’s been the same with fried chicken. There are a few places that offer fried chicken and do it quite well, but no one is a dedicated fried chicken joint. So, when the guys from The Cambridge came to us, it was a really good fit; fried chicken, beer and throw in the live music, it really fits,” Ben told me.

Situated in the recently renovated section of The Cambridge, Chicken Cartel is perfectly situated for easy lunch-time access with plenty of parks available. Pull up a chair and check out all the walls; covered with all of the touring band's drum skins that have made their way through The Cambo over the years. It’s absolutely dripping in Newcastle’s music history and culture.

But now, to the food; what you’re all really dying to know about. I wasn’t lying when I said mouth-watering and drool-worthy, these pictures alone are sure to make you drool. But why is it just so damn good? Well, one the boy’s good friends is none other than the man behind two of Sydney’s most popular fried chicken joints; Wishbone in Enmore and Hartsyard in Newtown (which sadly isn’t fried chicken anymore).

“A good friend of ours is Gregory Llewellyn who had Heart’s Yard and Wishbone; two funky fried chicken and booze joints. We did some work with him and picked his fried chicken genius brain. We’ve been doing fried chicken on our burgers for years, but we wanted to take it up a level again and it’s been really successful with this.”

The menu is chocka-block with a range of deliciousness. Get your hands around the fried chicken basket, half a kilo of wings, fried chicken and waffles (our personal favourite) or even one of their burgers! There is so much happening on the menu, so you may as well order one of everything and give the whole menu a taste test!

“It’s all southern fried chicken. There are a couple of things that have been modelled off of American fried chicken joints and we’ve also got the tenders basket, fried chicken and waffles which is a bit of our signature dish. We make the waffles ourselves out of smashed chips, cheese and then waffle mix.”

If you’re heading into The Cambo for a gig, don’t bother heading elsewhere for a feed beforehand, instead give the guys at Chicken Cartel a whirl. So go on, get into some darn good fried chicken and enjoy a beer in the home of live music in Newcastle!

Chicken Cartel, 789 Hunter Street
Newcastle West 2302
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