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Julie Evans will be taking you inside some of Newcastle & the Hunter's most incredible homes

‘House Proud’ will be a monthly feature that will introduce you to some of Newcastle and the Hunter's most incredible homes and the people behind them.

It’s no easy task encouraging homeowners to open the doors to their private spaces, which is why we’ve enlisted the assistance of Newcastle based interior stylist and designer Julie Evan.

You may be familiar with Julie’s work at the Darby St boutique accommodation property Brunswick Mews. It was here that we first met Julie and her quirky meets ultra-luxe 130 year classic Victorian terrace. The perfect expression of Julie’s fun approach to design and style, Julie’s love of all things interiors was evident from the outset and why we had to bring her on board to help unlock some of the region’s most special homes.

Between managing Brunswick Mews and her own business, Julie Evans Design, Julie has been sourcing a fab line up of incredible homes that we will be sharing in the coming months. To find out a little more we caught up with Julie in her own stunning home, to chat all things design, interiors and what we can expect from House Proud.

Firstly thank you for coming on board to help us bring the home features back to life, you have a real passion for interiors and design where does that come from?

It’s my pleasure! I’m super excited to explore some of our region’s gorgeous homes – it really is a privilege. I’ve always been drawn to design, but it wasn’t until I studied it that I truly appreciated the science behind it. Interior design is absolutely fascinating and can be a fabulous form of self expression for those who live in the space. 

Do you remember what your first really special piece of furniture or art purchase was? And do you still have it?

When I purchased my first home, I quite literally used old tea chests as side tables. These days I update my space regularly so I’m constantly adding new pieces or swapping things around. The constants that I have are two antique dressers that have been in my family for four generations. I could never get rid of them. 

You were originally from a Marketing/Advertising back ground, what prompted the move into design and interiors as a career?

I’ve always had an interest in design, ever since I was a young girl. Working as an Account Director in an ad agency meant being immersed in a creative environment and exposed me to some extraordinarily talented creatives. Back in 2012 I decided to study design myself, which led to furthering my studies specialising in colour theory so now I’m lucky enough to live my passion every day.

How do you describe your style when it comes to interiors?

A successful interior should always be a reflection of its occupants so when I sit down with a client it’s all about getting to know them and how they intend to use the space. When it comes to residential spaces, I’m a big lover of texture, ambient lighting and colour.

Coming from a marketing and advertising background, I’m a true believer that a successful commercial space will always reflect the company’s brand so it’s an entirely different process.

Brunswick Mews has such a quirky edge to it, some of the furniture and art pieces are incredible, how do you go about sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces?

I’m a massive fan of trade shows and am fortunate enough to have some amazing suppliers. Many of the pieces in Brunswick Mews weren’t planned. It’s amazing how often I’d be out and something would jump out at me and scream ‘Brunswick Mews’! One of my favourite pieces would have to be ‘Hugh’ the monkey magazine stand in the living room, which I found at House of Elliott in Newcastle East. My partner, Allan and I are also partial to naming inanimate objects, so most of the pieces at Brunswick Mews have names!

When it comes to being inspired and looking for new design ideas what are your go-to’s?

I’m always absorbing design inspiration wherever I go, whether it be retail spaces, restaurants, homes or commercial spaces. Newcastle is home to such immense talent in terms of design and architecture. I believe we have a style that is distinctly unique and it’s something we should all be super proud of. 

You’re working with us on the ‘House Proud’ features, can you tell us a little bit about some of the homes we can expect to see in the coming months?

I’m a lover of all things quirky, clever and unique but most importantly, I’ll be showcasing homes that truly reflect their amazing owners. We have some inspirational conversions and renovations coming up where I’ll be delving into the journey of the home owners during the building process. From coastal homes, to urban, to rural, we’ll be exploring it all! 

If someone was interested in having their house featured on House Proud can you tell us what you’re looking for and how they can go about being featured?

How lucky am I that I get to visit these gorgeous homes! I’m looking for homes that people are proud of: whether it be a house they’ve been in for years or a new build; whether it be big or small; whether it be a particular room or the entire house. I also love an interesting back story where we can inspire people and perhaps help others create their own dream space that they can feel proud of too. Anyone interested can email me at [email protected]

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