House Proud

Inside the colourful home of Annie and Chris in Waratah

Happy New Year House Pervers!! And what a beautiful festive home we have to start the new year, the colourful abode of Annie Everingham, partner Chris and pup Max. It is everything you would imagine Annie’s home to be… a divine combination of colours and textures.

Annie and Chris are both originally from Tamworth but now call Newcastle home. Chris purchased this brick, 60s home in the leafy suburb of Waratah two years ago as an investment property with their mutual best friend Luke, and the trio spent 6 months renovating it together. After falling in love with the area they decided against renting it to someone else and stayed put - and who can blame them!

It was a live-in job that included a few practical renovations such as transforming the garage into an extra room, ripping up carpet, giving the interior a coat of paint and building an outdoor patio area.

It’s not surprising that Chris, who runs a furniture rental company, has filled their home with beautiful pieces and Annie, a renowned artist, gathers the creative artworks. Together, they are the an interior design power couple!

Given their lines of work, they both don't have to go too far out of their way to source ideal pieces for their home. 

Annie and Chris love living in Waratah. There are so many beautiful old homes and the suburb’s location is super central to all there is to love about Newcastle. They start each day with a walk to their favourite coffee hotspot, Portafilta Café with Max and during downtime they especially love eating out. Delucas Pizza’s pan fried gnocchi is their top pick on Darby Street and for shopping their favourite go-to for indoor plants is nearby High Swan Dive on King Street.

This outdoor living area has fiesta written all over it.

Annie and Chris’s favourite space.  It’s the dining, the living, and social spaces - all in one.