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A natural and organic cafe with plenty of flavour on Hanbury Street Mayfield

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For Danny Fitzgibbons the big plan was to one day find himself the perfect little location and set up his very own café. Living in Sydney Danny first cracked into the café scene with a mobile coffee business, perfecting and testing his coffee obsession on the good folk of Sydney for five years, before relocating to Newcastle with his wife Ofa for a fresh start.

Portafilter cafe, Mayfield Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

Returning to the suburb of Mayfield, where Ofa grew up, Danny didn’t immediately think of the suburb as his café location yet with the Hanbury Street space becoming available, it seemed the perfect time to get out of the van and into a full blown cafe, the result, is Portafilter.

Portafilter cafe, Mayfield Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

If you’re a self-confessed coffee snob, as Danny happily admits to being, then Portafilter will put a massive smile on your face.

There is of course, your Ris, Esp, Mac & Pic, together with the long coffee option of LB, Filter, FW, Lat and Cap. If you like to keep it cool the Coldbrew served over ice is a perfect choice.

Portafilter cafe, Mayfield Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

The non-coffee lovers have not been forgotten with a nice list of cold pressed juices, iced tea, organic sodas and flavoured milks for the kids on the menu.

Whilst Danny said the focus of Portafilter was always to be a specialty coffee shop first, and the food a nice complement, after checking out the menu we kind of think that one is just as much a reason to visit as the other. Danny and Ofa perfectly sum up their food style on the menu saying,

“We like natural and organic stuff.

“We like that shit so much that many of the ingredients we use to make the beverages and eatables we serve are sourced from local organic and or biodynamic producers.”

Portafilter cafe, Mayfield Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

The Overnight Rolled Oats with Apple, Nuts, Berries & Yoghurt is just a bit wow as too the Zucchini Spaghetti w/ Vegan Pesto & Cherry Tomatoes. With a smallish kitchen space to do their thing in, Danny said they’ve kept the menu quick and easy but have still managed to lock in loads of flavours and be super healthy at the same time.

With the big open windows that lets you watch the Hanbury hecticness pass by, Portafilter is a little peaceful retreat that you should drop in on sometime soon.

Portafilter cafe, Mayfield Newcastle | HUNTERhunter

Mayfield 2304
(02) 4048 3205
Organic and nourishing
Mon 6am-3pm
Tue 6am-3pm
Wed 6am-3pm
Thu 6am-3pm
Fri 6am-3pm
Sat 6am-2pm
Sun 7:30am-1pm
1: -32.898847
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