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Grace Movement By The Sea

Indulge in a waterside Pilates session

Photography courtesy of SJR Media Co

Right on the shores of Dixon Park Beach is a new haven for movement and wellness – introducing, Grace Movement By The Sea.

Located within the iconic Dixon Park Beach Surf Life Saving Club, this newly launched experience is the brainchild of Rosie Grace Hartigan, bringing her passion for movement to the people of Newcastle.

grace movement by the sea dixon park surf club newcastle nsw
Rosie Grace Hartigan

“My life has been quite a wild and colourful ride but the constant in my life from a young age is movement,” Rosie said.

With a background deeply rooted in dance, Rosie’s career has taken her across the globe, performing on stages in America, Europe, and Asia – yet she always yearned to return to Newcastle.

Returning to her hometown, Rosie’s love for movement led her to pursue Pilates, eventually culminating in the creation of her private studio, Grace Movement, where she offers personalised Pilates sessions.

grace movement by the sea dixon park surf club newcastle nsw

As demand grew, Rosie recognised the need for accessible and high-quality mat Pilates classes in Newcastle, thus sparking the inception of Grace Movement By The Sea.

“I’ve had the privilege of watching the importance of great teaching my whole life… it made me realise the impact that good teaching can have. Not just on children, but adults too.

“The way you connect with clients and make them feel welcome in your class, the way you demonstrate and exercise and program a class that is for all levels, the vibe within a room, even the music; bringing that all together is what makes my job so fulfilling.”

grace movement by the sea dixon park surf club newcastle nsw

Officially launching in January this year, Grace Movement By The Sea offers a diverse range of classes blending both classical and contemporary Pilates techniques. From Morning Sunrise Mat Pilates (Wednesday and Friday) to Sunset Stretch and Release (Wednesday and Thursday), and Men’s Only Pilates (Wednesday nights) sessions, each class is catered to individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

grace movement by the sea dixon park surf club newcastle nsw

“I was thinking if I have two or three people for a few months I will be so content, but it has really taken off with new days and classes added and growing fast.

“One of the most exciting and inspiring outcomes for me has been the enthusiastic response from men of all ages who are quickly discovering that mat Pilates can give them a different approach to strength and body conditioning; particularly around mobility and flexibility.”

grace movement by the sea dixon park surf club newcastle nsw

Rosie is also working with local businesses for Pilates at their premises, corporate events, and event retreats. Plus, she continues her private client reformer, Cadillac, and Wunda chair sessions.

With a picturesque backdrop overlooking the ocean, Dixon Park Surf Life Saving Club acts as the perfect location for this unique experience. The decision to begin classes here is what can only be referred to as serendipitous.

“I was playing with my dog at Dixon Park one morning and watching all the beautiful energy of people gathering around Sunnyboy Kiosk and the waves crashing in the background. It felt about as perfect an example of why I love Newcastle so much. I ran myself (and the dog) home with Dixon Park Surf Club in my head, got straight onto my laptop, and wrote the email. The rest of history!

“Everything about this location is Newcastle captured in a single frame. We watch the sunset over the ocean as we flow. We have Sunnyboy Kiosk below the surf club, the smell of salt and sunscreen as people do the Merewether to Bar Beach walk, and the ocean awaiting us for a swim.”

grace movement by the sea dixon park surf club newcastle nsw

Looking ahead, Rosie envisions Grace Movement By The Sea as more than just Pilates, but a sanctuary for positive change and growth. From children to seniors, everyone is encouraged to join and embark on their journey to wellness with Rosie at Grace Movement By The Sea.