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Kim McFayden

A lightweight eco styled home in Redhead

Kim McFayden Image

house-perv-kim-mcfaydenThis week on House Perv we take a peek into the Redhead home of (slightly obsessed with interiors) owner Kim McFayden. Amongst one of her many projects, Kim is owner of the architecture, interiors, landscapes, ideas and objects website, and is a self confessed interiors and design addict. So what does her home look like? house-perv-kim-mcfaydenFormerly the owner of Habitat in Adamstown it comes as no surprise that Kim's style, design and interior selections are simply stunning. Delivering design inspired content to her readers regularly, Kim graciously took us through her stunning home and provided some insight into how it all came together. house-perv-kim-mcfaydenHave you always lived at Redhead?
We moved here five years ago, before that we were living in Adamstown. 

Was this a reno or did you knock down and start from scratch?
We gutted the existing house and extended it, which doubled the original size, plus we then added a double garage to the rear as we have lane access at the back of the house.

Claire Lavis and Shane Blue of Bourne Blue were your architects, was it difficult to select the right architects?
No, I'd had my eye on Bourne Blue for years and always knew we'd use them as I loved their lightweight eco style.
Did you have a clear idea of how you wanted the design of your home to look from the outset or were you completely open to Claire and Shane’s design ideas?
I had a lot of ideas and presented them as a series of images conveying the warm, earthy aesthetic with a checklist of essential and desirable inclusions.

house-perv-kim-mcfaydenThey initially presented us with a bare shell of the existing design but without the timber cladding so it kind of looked like the John Hunter Hospital initially and I was a bit horrified but, once they added all the timber and corrugated iron etc it started to really come together in my mind's eye. 

How would you describe the style of your home?
Warm, earthy, tactile, strong and environmentally-minded. The house has polished concrete floors for thermal mass, water tanks, louvre windows for cross flow ventilation which also means no air-con is required.house_perv_kim_mcfaydenDo you have a favourite room or space within your home?
Hmm its a tough question as I love every single bit of it! Our master bedroom is a real sanctuary with its own deck, walk-in-wardrobe, office and en suite so if I had to choose I would say that.

And what about furnishings in your home, do you have a favourite piece?
Oooh that's a tough one too as I really got everything I wanted. In terms of furnishings the pendant lighting in the dining room, powder room and outdoor room all make my heart sing. The dining room has a Coral pendant by David Trubridge, in the powder room there is the ceramic pendant by Ceramicist Szilvia Gyorgy, which I purchased at Planet Furniture in Sydney, and the outdoor room has the Hedgehog pendant by Mance Design, which I purchased through Urban Exotic.
The interior was designed by yourself, where do you like to go shopping for furnishings?
I had a lot of help from my staff Interior designer when I owned Habitat, Melissa Webster of the Gather Collective. I have a soft spot for Habitat as I used to own it and most of the house is full of products sourced via Habitat. In Sydney I love Planet Furniture and Koskela.

Where do you get your design inspiration/ideas from
I follow a LOT of blogs and am a home design magazine addict!
What advice would you give to any first time home builders or renovators
Trust your instincts and if something doesn't feel right always question it before letting something proceed.

Is there anything you would change or do differently
Nope, this was our second major reno and we got it perfect this time :)

Photo Credit: Shane Blue for Bourne Blue

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