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Teppanyaki at Nagisa

We took a look at what goes on around the Teppanyaki Bar

Ever wondered what happens around a teppanyaki bar?

We were a bit curious so we tagged along with Nagisa Teppanyaki Competition Winner, Jaevin Lillioja, and his 7 mates to get a birds eye view.

Chef Yohei Namba was behind the bar and together with the staff greeted the group with a complimentary glass of vino to get the evening started.

The choice of entrées was tough with salmon or kingfish carpaccio, miso cured beef tataki, yuzu butter scallops and tempura prawns on the list.

From entrée to main the theatre really begins with the group choosing set 2 for their Teppanyaki Experience, a seafood based menu that looks a little like this...

- Sashimi grade salmon & kingfish, king prawns, cuttlefish and scallops
- Mixed green salad with our house sesame and citrus vinegar dressing
- Grilled pumpkin, zucchini and sweet potato
- Bean sprout, onion & carrot mix grilled with garlic, butter and soy garlic or boiled rice
- Red miso soup and
- House made sorbet

From what we could see dining Teppanyaki style at Nagisa is not just an exotic mix of fresh and authentic Japanese cuisine but a truly unique experience to observe the art and skills of a traditional Teppanyaki chef.

This is one that you need to be adding to your must-do list.

And a word from our competition winner...

"My friends and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity we had last night at Nagisa, the food was magnificent and was great fun talking to the chef and watching him work!"

Teppanyaki at Nagisa

N2/1 Honeysuckle Dr, Newcastle NSW 2300

Today - 1130 - 2130