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A month of culinary worship is coming back to Newcastle this April

In foodie news, returning for its fourth year, Newcastle Food Month is once again taking over the City of Newcastle this April – all in the name of celebrating Newcastle’s exceptional and ever expanding food scene.

newcastle food month 2024

This year’s Newcastle Food Month program has officially launched, and it’s bigger and better with the month-long event offering up a line-up of innovative and creative new events, fabulous food, local wine & beer, crafty cocktails, guest chefs, good causes, and of course, the Signature event – Le Dîner en Blanc. 

newcastle food month 2024

It’s no secret that Newcastle’s dining scene continues to evolve with an explosion of culinary flavours and dining experiences, with Newcastle acquiring its very own food and drink identity – something certainly worth toasting!

The 2024 Program was unveiled last week at the festival’s Hotel Partner, the Crystalbrook Kingsley Hotel, where it was confirmed that this year will see the greatest number of events and restaurants participating in the festival’s four-year history. How many exactly? 75 events in total!

newcastle food month 2024

Organisers, Gus and Louise Maher, are excited about this year’s festival and the opportunities to offer every kind of foodie – from the family-friendly Plate Dates to decadent dining soirees.

“We’re particularly thrilled at just how many businesses are participating in this year’s event and that gives us great pleasure in knowing that what started out as our little regional festival now touches more than 100 local businesses significantly impacting the local Visitor Economy.

“It’s a great way to keep the Newcastle hospitality industry alive and in the hearts and minds of foodies, locals, and visitors alike.”

So, what exactly can you expect from this year’s festival line-up?

Le Dîner en Blanc

The posh pop-up picnic is back once more! Tickets are now on sale for Le Dîner en Blanc happening on Saturday 6th April, and it’s anticipated that more than 1000 guests will don their all-white attire for an evening in a secret location with live music, world-class catering, local wines, and, of course, le champagne!

newcastle food month 2024

Feature Events

With over 40 Featured Events filling out the month-long program, organisers jested that rather than tightening your belts, it’s probably wise to loosen them this April!

This year’s program includes everything from Australian Indigenous-inspired lunches and dinners; crumpets and high teas; Mexican and Mez; to sprinkles of Japanese, Nepalese, Italian, French, Chinese, Korean, Thai, and even Malaysian cuisines!

From collaborative extravaganzas like the Icky Sticky High Tea at Crystalbrook Kingsley’s Ms Mary, to unique concepts such as HUMBUG’s Chardy Party or OH MY PAPA’s Cocktail Dinner Degustation – there’s something to delight every palate.

newcastle food month 2024

Additionally, regional showcases like the wine and beef showcase at The Edwards, highlight the diverse flavours of Newcastle’s surrounding areas, celebrating our local producers and their exceptional offerings.

Whether you’re craving whimsical indulgence, innovative dining, or a taste of the region’s finest, each Feature Event offers you the opportunity to embark on a culinary adventure.

All feature events in this year’s program are officially live on the Newcastle Food Month website and tickets are on sale – what are you waiting for? Start perusing that list of gastronomical delights!

newcastle food month 2024

Plate Date

Last, but certainly not least, the much-loved Plate Date has returned, with this year’s festival featuring almost 50 restaurants that will be plating up a super special dish and matching beverage. A collection of Newcastle’s eclectic cafes, crowd favourite restaurants, and iconic pubs will be putting up a brunch, lunch, or dinner, including a beverage – for just $30!

How many will you fit in? Of the almost 50 venues included, some are offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner settings. We’ve done the maths and that means there are more than 3,000 opportunities to dine on a Plate Date this April – CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

newcastle food month 2024

We’re excited to welcome back Newcastle Food Month for another year, with the 2024 program continuing to highlight the culinary and creative talent of Newcastle’s burgeoning food scene – where will you be dining?