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Peaberrys Coffee Roasters

Specialty coffee and the emotion associated with it

So much more can be done with coffee then just your traditional flat white or cappuccino!

Peaberrys in Wickham is not just your typical café, it is actually referred to as a cellar door explains Rob, the brand manager.

"The idea behind Peaberrys is the ethos of sharing, we want to share what we love and why we love it and this cellar door is a representation of that ideal."

The cellar door was recently renovated a few months ago, and with the open plan design, “what you see is what you get”. The central space allows for everything to be onsite including the packaging, distribution, processing, as well as the training.

Peaberrys is visually appealing from the moment you walk in with the 5kg roaster out the front. Rob explains, “we want people to come in and learn and be excited by it, something you don’t get to see very often.”

Peaberrys is the perfect place if you want to experiment, learn and ask questions about coffee. With a strong push on specialty coffee the baristas will even show you exactly how they do it with no charge.

If you're like me and order the same type of coffee everyday (a flat white), you will also be surprised to know that there are a crazy amount of different ways to make coffee! For example, a mocha master, pour over, nitro coffee, cold brew….it honestly sounds like another language.

I recently tried the nitro coffee, which is a nitrogen charged cold brew, similar to a Guinness. The coffee takes a few days to brew, making it hard to keep up with its increasing demand.

Rob admits, “We are rapidly trying to push the weird factor with coffee, like what can you do outside of what you find in a café.”

With free tastings every Saturday and production happening Monday to Wednesday, there is always something going on at the Peaberrys cellar door. Check out the website for the different coffee classes they offer as well!

Peaberrys Coffee Roasters

81 Maitland Road, Islington NSW 2296

Today - 0700 - 1500