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Chase the hangover away with these remedies

Every now and again, even the best of us have a little too much to drink. We’re only human, after all. At HUNTERhunter, at least, it is our job to sample the best beverages our city has to offer.

But, it does mean that sometimes, our heads are a touch sore the next day.

With the help of our (sometimes) hungover readers, we’ve compiled the best hangover cures in Newcastle. We can’t say we encourage excessive drinking, but go ahead and get curing.

Goldbergs’ pastrami hash

I have to say, as an egg-hating vegetarian, reading the ingredients for pastrami hash is a little like reading my nightmare dish. But, I have so much respect for the reader that offered Goldbergs’ rendition of pastrami hash as their go-to hangover feed. If this doesn’t fix your hangover, I’m not sure what will.

Ground Floor Cafe’s fresh squeezed orange juice

The reader who suggested this as their hangover cure is clearly at one with the HUNTERhunter office. What is it about fresh juice the morning after a bit too much booze that makes it taste so much better than usual? I’m not normally a juice drinker, but my hungover self always has a hankering for OJ. You can’t go past Ground Floor Cafe’s offering!

Harry’s Schnitzel Joint The Famous schnitzel wrap

I’ve been a Harry’s Schnitzel Joint fan for a long time, and that doesn’t stop when the hangover hits. I got for The Famous schnitzel wrap with a veggie schnitzel and barbecue sauce. Best eaten at Bar Beach while you contemplate your life choices. There’s something about the combination of the crispy, fried schnitzel and nutrient-giving salad that just hits every time.

Henny Penny chips and gravy

When we asked our audience about their favourite Newcastle hangover remedy, Henny Penny chips and gravy came up several times. It speaks to what a beloved institution Henny Penny is in Newcastle. With locations around the city and the Hunter Valley, there’s never a Henny Penny too far away when you’re recovering from a bit too much booze.

The Falcon Restaurant burger and a Bloody Mary or Corpse Reviver

The Falcon Restaurant specialises in Southern-style dishes, so it’s only natural that its menu is full of hangover cures. Take your pick from options like the double deluxe cheeseburger, a Nashville chicken burger with plenty of hot sauce to really wake you up, or the smoked brisket burger. Pair it with a Corpse Reviver cocktail or a Falcon Bloody Mary, which the restaurant says will cure a hangover. Hair of the dog anyone?

newcastle hangover cures

Newcastle City Farmers Market dumplings

If you can drag yourself out of a bed on a Sunday after a few too many on Saturday night, make a beeline for the Newcastle City Farmers Market. While there are so many enticing feeds on offer for those feeling a bit under the weather (Bagels! Pies! Donuts!), a reader swears by grabbing some dumplings from one of the few Tibetan food stalls and munching away while you admire people who have their lives more together than you.

Fish and chips

One of our readers recommended fish and chips as their hangover cure, and we can agree that they’re on the money with this salty, fried feed. Head to a spot like Flatfish Cafe, right next to the fish co-op, where the air smells of seafood – there’s nothing like a waft of briny air to really bring you to your senses. 

The Kiosk Newcastle Beach mushroom toastie

For Novocastrians, living so close to the coast is a blessing when you’re feeling a bit dusty on a Sunday morning. For several of our readers, a simple dip in the ocean suffices as an antidote to a seedy morning. But one of our readers pairs their dip with a coffee and mushroom toastie from The Kiosk at Newcastle Beach. What a treat.

Newcastle Museum

This one might be a little unorthodox, but we reckon it could help a few hungover parents out there – a reader suggested “taking the kids to Newcastle Museum for a look around in the nice dark main hall while you lie flat on the padded seats.” Darkness and somewhere to lie down while the kids entertain themselves? It’s a winner.

Newcastle Spiral Spuds chicken and nacho spiral

I’ll always be amazed at the many ways the humble potato can be transformed into a delicious snack. The chip-on-a-stick craze has dominated the food truck scene at festivals and markets in recent years, the latest reimagining of potato that is popular for good reason. Newcastle Spiral Spuds reckon their chicken and nacho spiral is the way to fix a hangover – time to try it for yourself.

Newy Fried Chicken Sunday Lunch Box

Newy Fried Chicken has become a much-loved local eatery in the last few years, and the team have just left the Newcastle Hotel for their own pop-up diner in Broadmeadow. One HUNTERhunter reader goes for a Newy Fried Chicken Sunday Lunch Box when their hangover hits, and we absolutely think they’re onto something.

newcastle hangover cures

Oasis Village kebab

HUNTERhunter Director Alissa here. My hangovers come in various shapes and levels of pain, therefore my day-after solution varies depending on the type of hangover I’m dealing with. Entry level hangovers can usually be fixed either with a kebab from Oasis or a bahn mi from the JL Bakery, both on Beaumont Street.

The next level up requires something way more greasy like a hash brown, either from Maccas or, if driving is out of the question, the homemade variety from Aldi whacked into the air fryer will do the job. Hard core hangovers sometimes can’t be fixed with anything other than time, and a whole lot of not moving, so it’s not until around 5pm that the pizza and/or hot chip craving usually kicks in. I pair my carb of choice with an icy cold bottle of coke – it’s my last resort when it comes to curing the hangover pain.

Rascal burger

One of Newcastle’s favourite burger joints, Rascal has you sorted when it comes to indulgent hangover feeds. A Rascal burger is a definite step up from your go-to fast food chain hangover meal, so why not treat yourself when you’re feeling a bit dusty? Go for the BBQ bacon cheeseburger or the Marty Mcfly, Rascal’s take on the southern fried chicken burger.

newcastle hangover cures

Son of a Gun breakfast burrito

Given Son of a Gun’s menu focuses on American and Canadian diner classics, you’re guaranteed to find something hangover-worthy at this Beaumont Street eatery. A reader loves the brekkie burrito which features bacon, eggs, mojo pulled pork, tater tots, cheese, and house BBQ sauce.

Sweet As acai bowl from Akuna Cafe

Newcastle Editor Alicia here! Moving into the social season there will be, without a doubt, a few hangover-fuelled mornings in my future. There are a few things that will get me surviving the rough vibes of a hangover. 

My go-to? The Sweet As acai bowl from Akuna Cafe has fruit and chocolate – need I say more? However, as a Charlestown resident, sometimes a drive into town can just be a little too far for the angry hangover person I can be. A Passion Mango Boost Juice will hit the spot. Or, on a particularly seedy morning, a McDonald’s sausage McMuffin is the go.

Tilse’s Apple Truck Cider

Jas here, HUNTERhunter’s sub-editor and accounts manager. My past hangover cures have been big breakfasts with fried eggs, hash browns and sausage, or Arrowroot biscuits if I couldn't handle the grease. They weren't that effective – the hangover would ebb away through the day.

I didn't believe the hair of the dog could work. One afternoon though, I turned up for drinks with friends, feeling not-so-great after a massive night. One sip of Tilse's Apple Truck Cider, and my hangover disappeared! It's now my go-to hangover cure, preferably from The Young St Hotel in Carrington.