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Akuna Cafe

This sweet little cafe in Merewether is serving up great coffee and delicious whole foods

Situated on the corner of Patrick and Robey Streets in Merewether, just a skip away from The Junction, you’ll find Roz’s pride and joy, her passion…Akuna Café.

Akuna Cafe Merewether

Akuna has been opened for about 6 months now and known for their soup kitchen in the winter and their bangin’ acai bowls and salad bar in the summer. Akuna Café is a loveable little space to enjoy brunch with friends.

As you step into the café you can really sense a more laid back and relaxed environment, immediately making you feel right at home. The café really takes on a beach-shack type vibe with ornaments of mermaids and whales trickled throughout the store. The quaint space is well thought out and covered with twine dream catchers, bamboo stools and all hanging artworks are of local beaches.

Owner and entrepreneur, Roz is the type of lady that everyone knows and remembers. She loves having a chat one on one to all her customers and really building a nice rapport with them all. She truly is a woman with a mission, a jack-of-all-trades, “if I showed you my resume you wouldn’t believe me”, she told mr. From owning two small businesses on Darby Street in a previous life, to coordinating a hair salon, Roz has done it all. But as she is a true believer in fueling your body with nutritious and whole foods, Akuna Café is a perfect way to share and express her own healthy way of life with others.

Akuna Cafe Merewether

Roz wants her little Merewether café to be known as both local and affordable where you can come in your bikini or swimmers and grab a bite on your way to the beach!

The back outdoor deck is a perfect, sneaky oasis to have a coffee and a catch up. The space is kid-friendly and gets the right amount of afternoon sun to enjoy. Her tagline painted across the front door is perfect for the space, “Cool in summer and cozy in winter” - and that’s exactly what it was. 

Akuna Cafe Merewether

Akuna is known for their quality, yet deluxe acai bowls. If you’re smart enough to grab your next acai from Akuna it will be covered in hemp seeds, bee pollen, homemade strawberry granola, dried fruit munch, almond crunch, cocoa nibs and fruit- you won't want your bowl to end! And to make things even better, I don’t think you’ll be able to find a cheaper bowl in Newcastle! Quality and affordability are values that Roz is certain about emphasizing throughout her business.

Akuna Cafe Merewether

So we had to ask……why Akuna!? 

“Well funny story, quite a nice story actually. But I had this friend who was pushing me and pushing me to do this business course- and me, no, I have never been into doing courses. But he really wanted me to, so I did it for him. And Akuna has such a beautiful meaning in the Aborigine language, it’s really about strong women and empowering women….flowing water and to know or follow and I think it all just came together well when I found this space by the water.”