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Mr Bui's

Experience a little bit of Vietnamese home-life, and cuisine, at The Rooftop

we wanted to give people a feeling, as soon as they bite into our Vietnamese food, as though you were at home, like it was my mum cooking it for you.’

If you haven’t taken trip to Vietnam before but are keen to explore the authentic flavours in detail, then Mr Bui’s is the place for you.

Located within the Rooftop area of Westfield Kotara, everything about Mr Bui’s, from the fresh menu flavours, to its distinctive interiors, has been created to provide you with as authentic dining-at-home-in-Vietnam kind of experience as possible.

Meeting with one of the Mr Bui’s owners, Stan explained, ‘Mr Bui’s has all come about from a bunch of friends who wanted to bring authentic Vietnamese flavours, cooked just like at home, to everyone.’

‘we wanted to give people a feeling, as soon as they bite into our Vietnamese food, as though you were at home, like it was my mum cooking it for you.’

‘we have also designed the front of the restaurant to replicate the front of someone's home in Vietnam, which is where people usually operate their businesses from and that’s where the street food comes along.’

Standing at the front of the Mr Bui’s you'll notice a street food look-a-like stall which is where you’ll easily be able to get yourself one of those incredibly delicious Vietnamese Baguette’s (Banh-Mi) together with some freshly squeezed sugar cane juices (Nước mía).

If you’re not in a hurry head on in and be taken away from the suburban shopping centre scene to a more downtown Hoi An kind of feel. Stan explained the design of the restaurant is a fusion between the French style influence, which is evident throughout Vietnam following their period of rule, together with Hoi An’s dominant colours of yellow, blue and green. 

As you walk into Mr Bui's an additional dining space can be found which has been designed to replicate the feeling of being in someone’s home in Vietnam. Everything in the room has been imported from Vietnam, even the little old school TV in the corner.

So why Vietnamese?

‘I am Chinese myself but my family was born in Vietnam, and growing up I lived in a house where everyone lived together, but slowly everyone passed away, my grandfather, my grandmother, my father and eventually it got to a point where I was living by myself, which I did for about 9 months.

Living alone you’re careless with your eating, I was eating fast food and anything to get by, not really taking any care to cook. Then I met my partner, and obviously my mother-in-law, and one bite of her food and I felt like I had a home again, and this is what we’re chasing with this business, that home touch.”

Mr Bui’s is everything that you expect from Vietnamese food, it’s fresh and hearty with flavoursome combinations. However be warned you’ll need to bring your appetite with you, the meals are big as is the menu and the hospitality!