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Niche on High

Enjoy coffee and treats at this charming cafe

Maitland is a hotspot for great cafes, and new kid on the block Niche on High is no exception. 

Taking up residence in the building that was once home to interior design and styling business Valley Vogue, Niche on High is a relaxed haven away from the hustle and bustle of Maitland’s main drag.

niche on high maitland cafe

The cafe serves coffee by Melbourne-based Four Coffee Roasters, and barista Jono can make you “pretty much whatever you like” in the realm of hot drinks, according to owner Jenny Benning. 

Alongside coffee, Niche on High offers homemade cakes and sweet treats, and a range of grab ‘n go style food, like a haloumi, pesto, and pumpkin toastie, and smoked salmon bagels. 

niche on high maitland cafe

Jenny refers to Niche on High as a “cafe for introverts,” and it’s not hard to see what she means. The space feels both spacious and cosy, and there are plenty of nooks where you can curl up with a book, puzzle, or even a game of chess. Barista Jono has been playing against himself, so consider this your challenge to a game if you’re up for it!

If you have work to get through instead, Jenny says you’re welcome to head into Niche on High. Be warned, though: it’s so peaceful inside, you’ll want it to become your permanent office.

niche on high maitland cafe

Jenny credits Valley Vogue for making-over the space several years ago, and leaving behind some of their interior treasures for Niche on High. Now, the space features mismatched yet harmonious decor, including a repurposed wardrobe that serves as the front counter.

While the interior is the star of the show, the grassed area just outside the cafe’s entrance is ideal for enjoying the sunshine, and kids can run around while the adults caffeinate.

Jenny has owned this impressive building for just over five years, and she’s been waiting for the right time to open a cafe here. The response so far, three weeks after opening, indicates that her customers love it just as much as she does.

niche on high maitland cafe

“I don’t have any expectations, so then I can’t get disappointed. Whatever comes my way, I’m pretty happy with. And I love that people come in and get excited about the space, I love that, because I love [the space] so much. It is nice to share it,” Jenny said.

Jenny, who previously owned the cafe at Heritage Gardens and Seraphine at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, said she hopes Niche on High can foster community in this area of Maitland.

“We want to activate this section of town, we want to see it grow.”

niche on high maitland cafe

Ultimately, Jenny is happy doing her thing, welcoming people into her gorgeous space for a coffee, a chat, or just cosying up in solitude. It’s safe to say she’s found her niche. 

Niche on High

214 High St, Maitland, NSW, 2320

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