Eat & Drink

The Bikesmith & Espresso Bar

Combining coffees with your bike repairs and a whole lot more

You blend them together and open a café called The Bikesmith & Espresso Bar.

That’s exactly what Tim and Louise Skinner have done and are blown away by the response they’ve received so far to this almost obviously good idea.

The Bikesmith & Espresso Bar is just as the name describes, it’s big on coffee and bike repairs, and less on big fancy foodie menus, preferring instead to keep the coffee as the focus.

Prior to completely gutting and repainting the 326 High St Maitland location, the building was known for its canary yellow roof, bright pink walls and 70’s lime green brick wall. Just 500 litres of paint later and the space has been completely refreshed. With some locals eating their words, who thought the couple were crazy for taking on ‘Maitland’s ugliest building’.

The massive space houses the café and communal eating area at the front which creates an awesome community and friendly vibe. Down the back is the bike repair shop which is where you'll find Tim tinkering away on all sorts of bike projects. Tim’s passion for mountain biking also sees some pretty special bikes on display, in particular the very good looking 1950's Vintage Women's Speedwell which was donated very generously by Kenny Wells. For those in the mountain bike scene you’ll be familiar with Kenny and his well-trodden 
Kenny’s Bike Trail through Glenrock.

The 1950's Vintage Women's Speedwell

The private laneway is where all the bikes are parked whilst enjoying a coffee and will also double as many other things as time and the business evolves.

Back to the coffees and it's fair to say that the cafe lives up to its Espresso Bar name. There is some serious coffee talent behind the bar which is bringing some serious coffee flavours to the table, so serious that there's a coffee board near the counter identifying each coffee they deliver, just so there’s no confusion or awkward ordering moments.

The food is, like we said, uncomplicated, quick and easy. Think toasties, wraps, bircher muesli and lots of raw foods and vegan options. Perfect for a takeaway lunch or a keep-you-going bite to eat. 

What’s most to love about The Bikesmith & Espresso Bar is the approach that Tim and Louise have taken to it. It's a beautiful community space that all walks can come and share and be social in. There’s big plans for the space with music nights already taking place and much more in the works so be sure to watch this space.

The Bikesmith & Espresso Bar

326 High Street, Maitland NSW 2320

Today - 0630 - 1700