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The creative mastermind behind Terrigal’s favourite retailer

Since 2013, HUNTERhunter has been getting the behind-the-scenes stories of our go-to hospitality and lifestyle businesses. We’ve been talking to the people behind the brands about where they’ve come from, how they got to where they are, and where they’re headed.

But what about the behind-the-scenes of their own lives? Where do they eat? What do they drink? Where do they spend their time? Ultimately, what really makes them tick?

Introducing HUNTERhunter’s newest series, SPILL. Where we’ll be sitting down with some of the well-known and maybe not-so-well-known faces and voices of the Central Coast and ask them to SPILL.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to our second installment of SPILL of the Central Coast – Scottish lass and Terrigal’s fashion icon, Stephanie Davies of La Boheme.

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Stephanie Davies

I’m picking up an accent, where are you from?

I’m a Scottish gal from Glasgow, the accent definitely gives it away. I’ve been calling the Central Coast home since 2014.

What made you decide to make the Central Coast home?

My husband got a job as a GP out here. We love an adventure so decided to bring our then 12-month-old out here, we were supposed to stay two years and we’re still here nine years later.

Do you consider yourself more of an early bird or a night owl?  

100% an early bird... I am a gran and love going to bed early. My kids wake up at 5am and my husband and I take turns to workout consecutive mornings at that time too. Helps set you up for a good day!

What’s your morning ritual?

WALKING!!! Walking is my meditation. I like to wake up before the kids and get set up for the day.

Where’s your late-night hangout spot?

Our new favourite hangout is my girlfriend's new late-night eatery MAEW MAEW – I am fast becoming part of the furniture in there. Would highly recommend the Pineapple Margarita and the Pork Belly Nasi Goreng.

What’s your coffee order?

I am that human that doesn’t drink coffee. I love herbal tea in the morning, but I am a green juice gal through and through.

Which local venue knows your order by heart?

Our local is The Boy and The Rose which we love. My girls love a babycino so we do a lot of bike rides along there in the mornings.

Tell me about your biggest career highlight… 

Turning five this year! Running a small business while trying to be a mum and partner is tricky, so I am proud of how far we have come in five years and excited about the next five.

In your spare time, what are your THREE top favourite things to do on the Central Coast?

My favourite thing to do is walk into Terrigal from North Avoca and get a smoothie from LOVE and TONIC. Best smoothies on the coast.

Everyone who knows me understands my obsession with Mexican food. So another favourite thing to do is take my family to GYG in Erina. I could eat that every day for the rest of my life.

Lastly, slow beach walks with my family at the weekend, are the perfect rest and reset after crazy weekdays.

If you wanted to dazzle your out-of-town friends and family, where would you take them?

I would keep it simple; the coast is so beautiful. I would take them on one of the many incredible scenic walks, followed by a long lunch at Bells at Killcare.

Beer? Wine? Cocktail? Mocktail? What is your tipple of choice and where do you frequently visit?  

I am a margarita gal through and through. Arc in Terrigal, Maew Maew, and Mumbo Jumbos all make a mean Margi. When I am making them at home, the SIPPS gals answer all my margarita-making dreams. Their grapefruit jalapeño margarita mixer is my go-to.

On the daily, what’s guaranteed to make you smile?

Sunshine, my babies, and good food.

What do you NEVER leave the house without?

Airyday sunscreen from KLINIKA and my phone.

What are you reading / watching / listening to now? 

Reading Erin Deering’s book Hanging by a Thread and listening to lots of podcasts about health and longevity. Obsessed with all things Dan Buettner.

If you’re needing a short break away from the Central Coast, where do you go and why?

We head to Sydney for our city fix. We love the hustle and bustle and the diverse cuisines available. We love to eat so we love to take the kids down on a Friday after work and eat our way around the city.

What’s your go-to playlist?

Fleetwood Mac, Lewis Capaldi and always and forever OASIS.

What would you like to see more of on the Central Coast?

More live music, more food festivals and more variety of restaurants and bars.

Lucky last – who would you recommend we interview next for SPILL?

 I would recommend my husband Dr Nik Davies who is just about to open his first wellness and skin clinic in Erina. Stay tuned!