Eat & Drink

Mumbo Jumbo's

Caribbean inspired bar & restaurant overlooking Terrigal Beach

Mumbo Jumbo’s has filled an aching gap in the Coastal casual dining scene by bringing good vibes, aesthetics and cocktails to Terrigal, all with the very best seat in the house. The space has been transformed into a kind of ramshackle Caribbean paradise, heavily influenced by Jamaican beach bars, with an expansive view that overlooks the whole of Terrigal beach.

There’s ample seating outside, a gorgeously decorated indoor dining and bar area, plus a back garden bar. The drinks menu (rum features heavily, ala Jamaica) never disappoints, and its food is also right on point. Evolving with the seasons, its summer/autumn selection of seafood has been fresh and delicious, prepared with Cajun-inspired ingredients from the kitchen. Its seafood tables have been a particular hit with the locals.

A breath of fresh air to those craving culture, “we really just put together a venue that we would want to come to if we ventured into Terrigal,” says part-owner Stephen Sewell. “Somewhere that you can walk into in your sandals or thongs. A space that has the music turned up so you can actually hear the tunes. A chef that cooks on the barbecue, not just hides away in the kitchen. A space that is run by musicians and artists that can connect with the audience. A spot that you can sip on your favourite drop and watch the waves roll in. A restaurant you can spend more time hanging out at than eating.”

Mission accomplished. With attention to detail stemming from the palm cushions to the Caribbean dancers on the wall to the music - always reggae, soul, or funk, with live artists and DJ nights - that makes you feel like you’re not on the Central Coast anymore. Except you are. Which makes it all the better.