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The good old country town of Dubbo. Rich with history and known for the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, the regional NSW town is more than just what our childhood road trips were made up from. With a booming food and drink scene, countless boutique shopping stores and even one of the coolest co-working spaces I’ve seen out of Newcastle; there’s a lot to love about Dubbo and all the more reasons to add it to your ‘to-visit’ list for 2021.

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So, what do we know about Dubbo?

The regional town is a 4 ½ hour drive from Newcastle or just a short 45min flight from Newcastle Airport with FlyPelican, is home to over 38,000 people and sits on the Macquarie River with the city centre just a hub of activity with cafes on every corner and beautiful heritage buildings lining the streets.

With flights direct from Newcastle Airport with FlyPelican, Dubbo Airport is only 5km from the city centre and with plenty of hire car options of taxi services right at your doorstep, it’s an easy way to save time and get the most out of your time in Dubbo.

experience dubbo fly newcastle to dubbo airpelican nsw

Here’s what you can expect on your trip to Dubbo…

Food & Drink

Dubbo has plenty of tasty secrets that you need to know about when you visit. Scattered throughout Dubbo's city centre are tasty cafes and restaurants, there's a new craft beer brewery, we even found ourselves a sassy little Speakeasy! With only two days to play, we managed to cram in some serious eating and drinking that went like this... 


Check out the quaint stores giving Dubbo a retail facelift. Everyone enjoys a spot of shopping when they’re on holiday, and it helps when the destination has some stunning retail stores well worth your time of day. From local artisans to beautifully curated collections and even stationery; there’s so much in the world of shopping in Dubbo.

Family-Friendly Experiences 

Full of family-friendly activities and the terrain that Australian is famous for, Dubbo is well-worth hitting the road for a family getaway. Here are our top spots for families to play and stay throughout the booming regional town of Dubbo!

The Exchange

experience dubbo fly newcastle to dubbo airpelican nsw

Need to fit in a spot of work whilst you’re away? Well, don’t be hooking up to your accommodation’s free Wi-Fi, make the effort to drop into the city centre’s own co-working space, The Exchange.

Meet the team - Kate, Alex & Malaika
Meet the team - Kate, Alex & Malaika

Sitting inside the heritage building and former post office, The Exchange is Dubbo’s answer to the local (and travelling) start-up community. The beautifully renovated building is home to an open co-working space downstairs as well as private offices towards the back of the building, whilst upstairs is reserved for The Exchange’s dedicated event and workshop space. 

So go on, make the most of Dubbo and explore the regional town with our curated to-do guides below.