Where to get your vegan treats

Do you have a sweet tooth but follow a plant based diet?

As a self-confessed vegan, I took it upon myself to find some of the best vegan treats Newcastle has to offer. 

Nina's IGA     
Nina's is the place to go if you need a sugar hit. Vego bars, funky pie caramel slices, chocolate spreads and cookie dough are just a few of the treats on display. Plus, Nina's makes it super easy to find what items are vegan-friendly, with a green sticker. 

If you peer into Momo's fridge display, you will be greatly satisfied to see a wide range of vegan desserts. I got my hands on the brownie and yes I will be going back for more.

Source Bulk foods
It's no surprise that this whole food store has lots of yummy treats to nibble on. My favourite is the Salted Caramel Coconut Chocolate and Peanut Butter Raw Balls. Oh, or the chocolate coated berries.

Mama P
After something a little more guilt-free? Try one of Mama Ps raw treats. My personal favourite is the mint raw slice. 

Popolo Gelateria
With rotating vegan flavour gelato, you're always in for a surprise dropping into the King Street store.

Art of Raw
These raw treats look delicious, taste delicious and you can find them at Sanbah Grindhouse.

Monella Gelato
Say yes to dessert with a scoop of vegan gelato from Monella on Darby Street. With three gelato flavours to choose from, don't say yes just to one. Indulge in Monella's chocolate peanut butter cookie dough, banana split or raspberry sorbet. Or if its a special occasion, check out Monella's vegan gelato cake. 

Do you ever find yourself browsing the ice cream aisle, hoping to find something more than Soy Good ice cream? Sigh no more, with Ben and Jerry's dairy free chocolate fudge ice cream or Magnums vegan almond ice cream, you will be in for a sweet night.

Organic Seed Cafe
Waffles, cookies, cheesecake. Organic Seed Cafe at the Junction has you sorted.