The Weekend Shop

The store where every day is the weekend

When you live in a city like Newcastle, the beach is very much a part of daily life. Whether it’s surfing, swimming, walking along the coast or even enjoying a coffee with a view of the ocean, there’s no denying that Novocastrians are beach-obsessed.

That’s why Jenna and Gavin Chapman started The Weekend Shop, located at The Station in the heart of the city. The duo both grew up in Newcastle, but it was their daughter who ultimately inspired them to open this funky store that’s all about summer, surfing, and the beach. 

the weekend shop the station newcastle

“We’ve got a little three-year-old and she loves Aussie animals, so it started from doing Aussie animal t-shirt designs for her,” Gavin said.

“We just started doing it for us, for [my daughter] and I so we could wear matching things. She’d be the creative one. She’d think of designs she wanted, like ‘I want a cockatoo skateboarding.’”

This snowballed into Jenna and Gavin creating their own clothing line, Party Wave Surf Club, that they sold at markets around Newcastle. 

“[Party Wave Surf Club] was starting to get quite popular because we were selling online as well, and we just outgrew our house basically and needed a space. This space popped up, and location-wise it’s pretty amazing – it’s close to the beach, the harbour, and it’s a beautiful old building.”

the weekend shop the station newcastle

Now, The Weekend Shop is home to not only Party Wave Surf Club, but a host of brands from Newcastle and beyond.

There’s everything from adult and kids clothing and swimwear, beach accessories, homewares, pet goodies, and art. 

Much-loved local makers like Murrays Beach Candle Co, Not Your Regular Pet, Holmes Wares, State of Eden, and Sharon Cassidy all make an appearance in store, plus there’s plenty of other Aussie labels like Jeune Label, The Critical Slide Society, and Full of Youth to discover when you shop.

the weekend shop the station newcastle

If you haven’t come across Party Wave Surf Club before, these in-house designed and printed shirts and jumpers are sure to become a new favourite. 

“The shirts draw people in, and people like Newcastle-themed things, plus people like the fact that we make them ourselves,” Jenna said. 

Party Wave Surf Club recently collaborated with Newcastle Surf Living Saving Club on a limited range of tees, long sleeve shirts, and jumpers, with $10 from each sale going to the surf club. 

the weekend shop the station newcastle

If you’re wanting to create your own t-shirt design, good news – The Weekend Shop can help you out with their custom t-shirt printing service. Either bring your own design or let the team create something cool for you on their sustainable and ethically-made shirts. 

That’s not the only handy service The Weekend Shop offers. Next time you need all the gear for a beach day, head into the store (or book online) to hire umbrellas, cabanas, picnic mats, surf boards, and beach chairs. 

the weekend shop the station newcastle

Looks like The Weekend Shop will be Newcastle’s one-stop destination for all things beach as the weather warms up.