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One for the doggos (and their parents)!

Got a doggo? On a scale of 1 to 10, how food motivated are they? Whether you’ve got a doggo that jumps like mad every time you open the fridge or a dog who couldn’t care less about what you put in their bowl, there’s one business that is here to change the pet food game.

lyka pet food delivery newcastle nsw australia

Introducing Lyka – Australia’s freshest dog food, delivered directly to your door.

For years, I’ve been known to head to our major grocery stores to pick up the cheapest tin of doggo food on the shelf. Whack it into the dog bowl and call that job done. Well, haven’t I been doing it wrong!?!?

Lyka CEO and co-founder, Anna Podolsky explains exactly why what you feed your four-legged friends is just as important as what we feed ourselves…

“Today, a significant majority of Australian dogs are being fed a heavily processed, kibble-based diet. Or as I like to refer to it – meat flavoured bread with a sprinkle of synthetic vitamins and minerals, where shelf life is considered more important than health life.

“As humans, we realise that a balanced, minimally processed, wholefood diet is critical for health, but don’t pause to consider that the same is true for our animal companions. Our dogs are so much more than family, so they deserve to eat like it.”

lyka pet food delivery newcastle nsw australia

Launched in 2018, Lyka has seriously been changing the game when it comes to pet food. Not only is what goes into every product full of fresh and nutritious ingredients, but their selection is also grand and tailored to each and every pup.

That’s right, each meal is custom designed for your dog’s age, breed, weight, activity level, and sensitivities. That package is all bundled up and delivered directly to your door, free of charge!

lyka pet food delivery newcastle nsw australia

The Lyka line-up is split into three different categories; meals, supplements, and treats. There are six signature vet-formulated recipes on offer, all packed with human-grade, nutritious, wholefood ingredients.

Does your pup need a little extra love in a particular department? Maybe their skin needs some TLC or their joints need some more mobility; Lyka’s selection of Pupper Supps can help your dog’s skin, joints, digestion, mood, and dental health!

Lucky last but certainly not least, is none other than Lyka’s Treats; who said dog treats can’t be healthy? Air-dried and made from a single protein, the Lyka treat line-up will have your pup lining up for the daily ‘good dog’ treat.

lyka pet food delivery newcastle nsw australia

My own doggo, Chase, has never been one to be extremely motivated by food. However, after just one Sardine Snap from Lyka’s treat range and a perfectly portioned serving of their Barn Raised Tail Tappin’ Turkey Bowl, his tail is wagging like no tomorrow and he's lining up in front of the dog bowl night after night, waiting to chow down on the goods. 

All of the brand’s recipes are formulated by renowned Integrative Veterinarian and Lyka co-founder, Dr. Matthew Muir, alongside a team of Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists using 100% real food ingredients that offer real benefits to dogs.

“I’ve seen thousands of dogs in my years of practice and so many health issues I see can just be prevented with a better diet.

“Ingredients should be as fresh as possible and contain a mix of high-quality proteins, omega fatty acids, and low carbohydrates. Some of the benefits of these I see in clinic are softer coats, less skin irritations, improved digestions and stool consistency, and better mood stability with fewer sugar crashes,” Dr Matthew Muir shared. 

Not ones to do things by halves, Lyka is also dedicated to moving towards a greener future through their numerous sustainability initiatives. From their recyclable boxes to their biodegradable treat packs; not to mention Lyka is Australia's ONLY carbon-negative and plastic-negative pet food company; how good is that?

lyka pet food delivery newcastle nsw australia

The whole Lyka experience is seamless from start to finish. From kicking things off online to answering a few questions surrounding your doggo's needs, signing up for a suitable meal plan subscription, to having it delivered directly to your door.

Go on, be the hero your pup thinks you are and introduce them to the world of Lyka, and let them have as much of an elevated dining experience as you do, all whilst boosting their health and happiness.

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Lyka Pet Food