Stoned Saint Moon

A world of vintage awaits in Islington

Welcome to the world of Stoned Saint Moon Vintage – a place where worldly vintage and vintage-inspired Australian designs come together under one roof.

Based amongst the eclectic streets of Islington, Stoned Saint Moon began in 2015 in a tiny shop front in what once was the Regent Theatre candy bar (now one of Newcastle's heritage-listed buildings).

Needing more space for their treasures in 2016 they expanded into the space next door and at the same time grew their brand by introducing men’s, children's vintage. This move made it possible to create an entire shop space for their flagship partner LENNI the Label.

Tabbatha and Tyler, co-owners, creators, husband and wife, best friends and new folks to baby girl Talulah are both vintage lovers at heart. They get a rush out of finding one-off thrifted treasures, basically, life for these two is one big treasure hunt. The mystery and magic, the stories that these clothes could tell, the lives they would have lived, the quality felt in the mix of fabrics and the places they have traveled are all part of the reason why they do what they do - and love it!

Over in the original space you’ll find LENNI the Label a sea of seasonal designs blended from sequins, stripes, glitter, velvet and more. LENNI’s collections poses unique day and nightwear pieces. They express the current nostalgia for classic 70’s style whilst remaining effortlessly iconic, comfortable, sexy and sometimes a little dark.

This stores love affair for eras past is what drives them to bring back these feel-good threads. Their style reflecting and connecting with the boldness of fashion of every era from the swingin sixties all the way through to the naughty nineties.

Tabbatha explains, ‘our aim is to re-inspire the youth of today with clothing that stands out and stands strong in a sea of new age expressionism.’

‘We are also big believers in helping mother earth and with clothing being the second largest pollution in the world right now selling pre-loved items alongside independent small designs creates only good vibes knowing we are contributing to a healthier change for our planet’.

‘Past decades made clothes to last, fast fashion did not yet exist. Our pieces were built to stand the test of time and we're excited and feel honored to give them that opportunity. All we ask is that you wear them proudly, enjoy them and recycle them consciously when your time comes to part.’

This small family business not only aims to bring joy to its customers but also to them the owners. ‘We believe life is way to beautiful and rare to not live it exactly how you wish, wearing exactly what you wish. So from us to you, we'd like to say thank you for supporting us and we wish you nothing but good times in your new vintage finds!’

In 2019 Stoned Saint Moon began their online journey making it possible to sell to other vintage lovers outside of our city, and if you haven't visited the store in a while you'll be pleased to know you can now shop their vintage collection anytime you like via their website Stoned Saint Moon Vintage and LENNI. 

Even if you're not a regular wearer of vintage threads you can't help but appreciate the extent and quality of the Stoned Saint Moon collection.

Stoned Saint Moon

80 Maitland Rd, Islington, NSW, 2296

Today - 1000 – 1600