Lone Clothing Co

Independently owned, designed & printed locally

I literally just wanted money for a carton of beer a week…if I could sell a shirt a week that was a carton of beer, I was like sweet.

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We first arrived at the new Lone Clothing Co store at Redhead to a guy cleaning the windows of the shop next door. Turns out he was the owner of Lone Clothing and explained to us that it’s the first thing people see when they are approaching his shop on that side, so he likes to make sure they are clean.

We entered the shop, and the first thing I noticed were the stools at the counter. It reminded me more of a bar than a shop, instantly inviting me to sit down for a chat.

“I love just talking to people… even if I don’t sell a shirt it doesn’t matter”, explains Mitch.

“You know the drink kombucha? I love it; I drink so much of it. This guy came in, and I was like ‘hey man’ and we were just chatting. I was pouring myself a glass of kombucha and I was like ‘do you want a glass’”? Mitch explains. “And he was like ‘yeah man for sure, 100%, I love this stuff’…you don’t mind if I buy the bottle off you do you’? And I was like ‘yeah go for it’. 

"Then I see him driving away, he had his misses in the car and I could see her looking at it confused. AND he bought two shirts so I was like sick! He was frothing. I then called the lady I bought it off and said you wouldn’t believe what I just did I sold half a bottle."

It is this commitment to getting to know his customers, sharing stories with each other and creating that community environment which has pushed Mitch to succeed and has made this surfy town of Redhead the perfect location.

Having started in November 2016, Mitch eventually decided to give up Air Conditioning and put 100% of his time into Lone Clothing Co. “I literally applied for every single market, all the pop ups I could do, hit up a few shopping centres, tried to get my finger in every hole I could to sort of get my name out there more."

Since the opening of his new store you will now find him at The Olive Tree and Hunt and Gather Markets only, as well as online.

Open 7 days a week, Lone Clothing Co is focused on men’s clothing all printed just out the back of his shop.

Lone Clothing Co

111 Cowlishaw Street, Redhead, NSW, 2290

Today - 0900 - 1700