High Swan Dive

Opens up shop number TWO in Merewether

The King St ceramic and plant favourite, High Swan Dive, have officially opened up a second, much larger space in Merewether.

Who loves plants? Who loves pots? Who loves a visit to High Swan Dive in town but can’t stand trying to look for a park? Looks like we have something in common. But we have exciting news! High Swan Dive has opened up a second, much larger space in the much more accessible location of Merewether; right across from the Mary Ellen and up the road from the Prince of Merewether.

As someone who really struggles to say no to a new plant in their life, visiting High Swan Dive’s new premises was like Kryptonite to my personal wallet. However, considering this visit was for ‘work’ I figured I have to sample the goods, right?

We first spoke with High Swan Dive owners, Sophie Toupein and Jesse Neale back in 2016 when they opened their King Street space up to the public, and it was exciting to have something so cool in the centre of town! But this time around, the pair are excited to have a space where they can expand the range whilst bringing something new and exciting to the Merewether area.

For those of you who have always loved giving the King Street shop a visit, you’ll be excited to hear that the space in Merewether is much larger which means more plants and more plant goodies!

With a dedicated greenhouse towards the back, an outdoor space housing all the best cacti and the retail area stocking all the coolest pots and hangers in town; there is something here for all types of plant lovers.

The new space has an almost grungy, warehouse feel that’s been overcome with jungle vibes, and hey, we’re not complaining. It’s like something out of the backstreets of Melbourne and we’re loving it!

The new space is still representing the same old goodies from the original store but is boasting an extension of everything they were already doing. You’ll still be able to find a nice mix of local, Australian and overseas ceramics and so much more plants to check out.

Shoppers can get their hands on a range of ceramics that all have their own character and quirky qualities. Stocking some of our favs such as Good Grief Ceramics as well as the quirky from afar such as Studio Arhoj from Copenhagen and Marimasot from Barcelona; there’s plenty of styles to pick from. 

So go on, give High Swan Dive’s new space a visit and LIVE MORE GREEN.

High Swan Dive

190 Glebe Road, Merewether, NSW, 2291

Today - 0900 - 1500