High Swan Dive

King Street gets a whole lot greener with this little gem

You can never have too many plants in your life.

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Newcastle's King Street has gone a little greener with a beautiful little store by the name of High Swan Dive opening its doors. Owners Sophie Toupein and Jesse Neale have hopped across the road and at least doubling their floor space creating a tropical little paradise that makes for a delightful shopping experience.

Originally opening just a couple of steps up and across the road Sophie and Jesse have expanded and brought to inner Newcastle a much needed tranquil space that offers a whole bunch of indoory greenery options. Still continuing the theme of creating a gallery space filled with artists that they truly love and would have in their own home,

"We thought it was important to have artists on display that understood the quality of the materials they are using, the history of what they are making and have a true passion for innovation".

At High Swan Dive you'll be sure to find a nice mix of local, Australian and overseas ceramic artists with the collection blending emerging with established. You won't find anything mass produced with the artists on display choosing only to work with small production lines, ensuring you receive something a little special. Like the quirky range of pots from Brooklyn based studio, Group Partner or the clean lines and stunningly simple design of the Japanese Hasami Porcelain.

You will notice there are a lot more plants, in fact a whole room full of them to wander through. There are of course the expected selection of cacti, both big and small, and a mass of leafy green friends who bring with them an almost rainforest like feel to the store. From ferns to fiddle leafs, hanging rhipsalis & string of pearls you'll find it hard not to leave without a plant or two under arm, such is the life and love that the leafy greens give.

There's so much to love about High Swan Dive that we can only hope it get bigger an bigger.

High Swan Dive

178 King Street, Newcastle, NSW, 2300

Today - 1000 - 1600