Fruit, veggies, meat, eggs, and much more!

We’ve been told to only venture out if we absolutely have to, which means most of us will still be doing our weekly grocery shop, but have you considered moving to a delivering option? No, not from Woolies or Coles, but from one of our local businesses.

Why not take this opportunity to try a new way of shopping and get all your fresh fruit, veggies, meat and milk delivered to your door! We’ve pulled together this massive list of businesses who are offering that service, so start getting your fridges stocked and support local businesses at the same time.

Rarity Wholesale

What: Fruit, vegetables, and eggs.
Call: (02) 4960 9709
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Parcel of Plenty

What: Fruit, vegetables, and eggs.
Call: 0420 686 979‬
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Hunter Organic Foods

What: Fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, bread, eggs, juices and other everyday grocery items.
Call: (02) 4929 5787
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Jesmond Fruit Barn

What: Fruit, vegetables, eggs, herbs & spices and grocery items.
Call: (02) 4951 6783
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Miss Melon’s Fruit & Veg

What: Fruit, vegetables, bread & cakes, condiments, eggs, tea, herbs & spices, juice, snacks, milk and kombucha.
Call: 0491 106 649
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Harry & Eve's Fresh Produce Delivery

What: Fruit and vegetables
Call: 0433 681 455
Email: [email protected]
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Fruit Brothers

What: Fruit, vegetables, fridge, bread, eggs, herbs & spices, nuts & snacks, meat & seafood, gourmet products and cold-pressed juice.
Call: (02) 4023 0283
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Little Hill Farm

Call: 0487 841 722
What: Pasture raised chickens, eggs and honey.
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Photo by Emma Conway

Banana Barn

What: Fruit, vegetables, nuts, juice, herbs and grocery items.
Call: (02) 4967 1677

Local Crop

What: Fruit, vegetables, eggs, nuts & grains, deli & gourmet goods, honey, coffee, tea, juice, meat & poultry, bakery, personal care & hygiene, homewares, books, and art.
Call: (02) 4089 4479
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Feedback Organic Recovery

What: Seasonal vegetables and herbs
Call: 0407 219 305
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Not Just Apples & Oranges

What: Fruit, vegetables and eggs.
Call: 0435 870 073
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Newcastle Fruit Boxes

What: Fruit and vegetables.
Call: 0412 645 442
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Organic Feast

What: Fruit, vegetables, fridge, pantry, household, personal and lifestyle items.
Call: (02) 4934 7351
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Pork Ewe Deli

What: Meats, milk, bread, eggs, honey, jam, butter, fresh pasta, dips, dressing, sauces, mayo, seafood, olives, capers, groceries, oil & vinegar, sweets, crackers & biscuits and cheese.
Call: (02) 4906 8744
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The Good Growers

What: Fruit, vegetables, eggs, flour, nuts, seeds, salt and cacao nibs
Call: 0403 834 149 or 0455 292 796
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Fresh to You

What: Fruit, vegetables, eggs and herbs.
Call: 0417 296 283
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Go Organic

What: Fruit, vegetables, eggs, bread, grocery and fridge items.
Call: (02) 4920 7237
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Slick Chicks

What: Poultry
Call: 49516226
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Butcher on Brunker

What: Meat.
Call: (02) 4957 5470
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Somerset Meats

What: Beef, lamb, chicken, pork, veal, sausage, deli and game.
Call: (02) 4960 2211
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Harris Farm Markets

What: Fruit, vegetables, grocery, fridge, butcher, seafood, organic and liquor.
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Newcastle Food & Flower Markets

What: Fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs, honey, milk, meats, juice, and pantry items.
Call: 1300 760 460
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An Apple a Day

What: Fruit and vegetables. 
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My Fruito

What: Fruit, vegetables, eggs, herbs & spices, yoghurt, grocery items, nuts, and confectionery. 
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Lambton Fruit Market

What: Fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, honey, nuts, dried fruit, spices, herbs, eggs, crackers and more. 
Call: 0449 108 819

Adamstown Fresh Fruit

What: Fruit and vegetables.
Call: (02) 4957 1232

Nina's IGA 

What: Grocery items. For more info, click here.
Call: (02) 4961 2184

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