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YOU By Dr Shauna Watts

Bespoke and individualised results driven skin clinic arrives in The Junction

Central Coast-based leading aesthetic medical practitioner, You by Dr Shauna Watts has officially expanded into Newcastle, opening their second space right in the heart of The Junction.

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

Upon entering, your eyes are immediately drawn to the lavish luxury of the cosmetic clinic. The deep green velvet chairs and tasteful gold finishes come together to create an atmosphere of true sophistication, inviting you to indulge in a pampering experience for your skin!

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

Brought to you by life and work partners, Shauna Watts and Peter McGimpsey, You by Dr Shauna Watts originally launched in late 2021 at The Quarters at Forresters Beach – a beautiful home for bespoke retailers, premium accommodation, and a top-tier medical aesthetic clinic.

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

Not even two years later, the brand has launched their second space here in The Junction, bringing their unique approach to aesthetic medicine to Novocastrians.

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

Taking over the former Bella Face space tucked in the corner of The Junction Village on February 1 2023, the space officially rebranded to You By Dr Shauna Watts in late June.

Shauna and Peter have been doctors for the past 20+ years, bringing an unparalleled approach to the aesthetic medicine industry. People come to experience their warm and endearing approach, where clients are treated with the utmost care and consideration – just like family.

"Our goal was to craft a space that creates both beauty and tranquility while upholding an exceptionally high standard of care. During the initial consultation, which we refer to as 'planning your aesthetic journey,' clients are invited to spend an hour with either myself or Peter.

"We conduct a very thorough assessment, taking the time to deeply understand each individual’s concerns and desires. Additionally, we review their medical history, often revealing surprising connections to the world of aesthetics and wellness.” 

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

Pulling on the pair’s extensive knowledge and experience, alongside Shauna’s personal passion for the aesthetic industry, is what has boosted the businesses popularity and therefore expansion into Newcastle.

Their individualised approach sees every client booked in for a complimentary review three months after their treatment.

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

“I’m going to be accountable for whatever treatment I send you off for, because in three months’ time, you’ll be sitting back in that room with me, and we’ll be talking about how that treatment went.”

With an aim to make aesthetic medicine approachable, Shauna takes every precaution necessary to ensure every individual feels welcomed, educated, and ultimately heard upon starting their journey with You By Dr Shauna Watts.

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

“We often attract the more cautious person that may be a bit scared, and we help them on that journey. For most people, it’s rarely going to be one isolated treatment that is going to fix all of your concerns. It’s much better to have it in a really structured plan that works for both your schedule and financially.”

Specialising in creating inclusive doctor-patient relationships, with a focus on your concerns and goals, the You By Dr Shauna Watts approach is to achieve results through a structured treatment plan with clear steps and outcomes.

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

“Our patient is someone who wants to invest in their skin and is interested in having a long-term relationship with us. It’s also for those people who appreciate that we’re going to take our time and really come up with an individualised plan for them.

“We want to know what they’re investing in and why, as well as what we’re trying to achieve.”

When it comes to their services, they set a remarkable standard of care. The team provides a comprehensive range of offerings, including advanced facial and laser treatments, cosmetic peels, anti-wrinkle injections, and skin tightening. 

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

However, the pivotal moment is the initial consultation, where you embark on your aesthetic journey. Here, you'll collaborate on a structured treatment plan with clear steps and defined outcomes, ensuring a personalised experience tailored to your needs.

“The other thing that I really want to highlight is that we are a very natural-looking clinic. The big cheeks and the big lips are definitely not our style. If people want that, that’s amazing, but we’re probably not the right clinic for them.”

The Newcastle clinic is currently open on Monday and Wednesday through to Saturday and the like-minded experienced team encourages you to pop in to say hello and start the conversation about enhancing your natural beauty.

you by dr shauna watts the junction newcastle nsw

“The brand has been received and embraced so beautifully by people. I think people understand what we are trying to do, and we want to continue to be very genuine with everything that we do.”

Whether you’re well versed in receiving treatments, or you’re curiously cautious about starting your aesthetic journey, the experience at You by Dr Shauna Watts offers a safe, secure, supported, and above all, a well-educated approach.