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The Cambridge owners announce new space

Just shy of two weeks since we bid farewell to the iconic live music venue The Cambridge Hotel, the team behind the Cambo are announcing their new venture that will continue to bring live music to Newcastle with the expansion and refit of nightclub King Street.

The same passionate team behind the Cambo has also owned and operated King Street for the past 20 years, bringing the likes of Coolio, Vanilla Ice, Alison Wonderland, The Chainsmokers, Dom Dolla, Boys Noize, and many other high-profile names to Newcastle.

However, the dramatic changes that have been made to King Street promise to bring a brand-new vibe to the venue, with a focus on live music, entertainment, community, and inclusivity.

The Cambridge crew have gone so far as to expand King Street’s footprint, by also taking over the space next door (formerly Domino’s Pizza) as well as doing the biggest refit the venue has seen to date.

This multi-level music venue will house five separate music spaces, each with its own unique feel. There are elements of semi-industrial, grunge, dive bar, nostalgia from Newcastle venues of the past, and live music rooms with a feel that Newcastle hasn't experienced before. 

King Street has been designed to welcome music lovers from all walks of life, embracing all genres of music and hosting international and national heavyweights, as well as providing a platform for emerging local acts. 

Located in the heart of Newcastle, the five performance spaces will be The Bandroom, The Warehouse, Club Level, Street Level, and Broken Hearts Bar. Each space will have the ability to host performances at the same time. 

The Bandroom, the largest space the new venue has to offer, houses a new bar and a mezzanine overlooking the stage, making patrons feel like they are practically on top of the band. And with a state-of-the-art D&B system, LED screens and 40+ lighting fixtures suspended on motorised trussing, patrons could attend multiple shows over the course of a weekend without feeling like they are returning to the same space.

If you were a fan of the old King Street, never fear, Club Level remains but changes to the music policy will see the space become more inviting and welcoming to those looking for a dance. 

The Warehouse is fitted out with a Nexo System and 20+ lights providing up-and-coming local acts and intimate shows with the highest quality equipment; a gesture of dedication to nurturing new careers.

“Nothing will replace The Cambridge and its history, however having operated the Cambo for 8 years, we know what makes it sing. King Street of course will be a different building but still with the same staff and same focus on bringing all genres of music together.

“We want to build new memories and create an experience at this venue... and a venue is nothing without its people, so creating an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for everyone is our objective.”

The venue is set to open mid-July and will operate Fridays through to Sunday.