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Thrive Wellness Hub

Wickham’s community of like-minded practitioners

Tucked away in the inner-city suburb of Wickham sits the tranquil oasis that is Thrive Wellness Hub. A community of like-minded practitioners, the venue's purpose is exactly what the name suggests; a place to help individuals thrive.

thrive wellness hub mental health practitioners wickham newcastle

Brought to us by Counsellor and Therapist Tracy Lynch, the local wellness hub has been helping people thrive since early 2016. Originally working out of a space in Broadmeadow, Thrive Wellness Hub officially moved into the Wickham-based venue in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength with now over 16 practitioners offering a range of different services.

“It has always been my vision to have a one-stop-shop with like-minded practitioners all working from evidenced-based platforms.

“That was definitely part of the vision; that I could have a team of practitioners that I trusted, I know how they work so where it’s appropriate we could work collaboratively,” Tracy explained.

thrive wellness hub mental health practitioners wickham newcastle

At its core, the holistic evidence-based facility functions as a place of care, aiding you to thrive both physically and emotionally. 

“Straight away, you can tell when it’s someone’s first time because they’re looking around and taking it all in. It’s not clinical, instead, it’s very personal and the soft touches give it a very different feel.”

thrive wellness hub mental health practitioners wickham newcastle

Housed in an old architect’s office, Tracy’s personal workspace is like walking straight into a warm and inviting dream. The interior is complete with cosy corners, moody hues on the walls, and some of the most delicious scents; creating a welcoming environment that instantly calms the senses. 

Home to regular local art exhibitions, any visit to Thrive could be seeing you admiring the showcase of new pieces on the walls; adding to the space’s all-round cool, calm, and collected atmosphere.

Whilst each practitioner has their own individual business, by grouping under the Thrive Wellness Hub umbrella, the collaborative space offers a wide range of services to clients whilst enjoying a unique environment allowing all to thrive; both professionally and personally.

Practitioners working under the Thrive umbrella include Relationship Therapists, Counsellors, Herbal Medicine, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Hypnotherapists, Physiotherapists, Dietitians, and Massage Therapists. For more info and to read about all of the practitioners at Thrive Wellness Hub, click here.

The name breathes into itself, its own sense of calm yet enthusiastic emphasis. When you think of visiting someone to help with your holistic health, ideally, wouldn’t we all want to walk away feeling like we’re being encouraged to thrive and to be our best selves?

“It took me a while to find something that would resonate with all of the practitioners. Thrive came from a space where I was hoping people would feel good about themselves when they enter into a relationship with a practitioner. A relationship in which they can thrive and ultimately feel their best selves.”

The venue also has a number of openings available for practitioners looking to expand their own business and move into a dedicated workspace. Click here for more info about becoming a part of the Thrive Wellness Hub team.

thrive wellness hub mental health practitioners wickham newcastle

“We want to keep growing our beautiful community of practitioners, become better known in the community, and continue to grow at what we all do individually.”

Whether you might be looking for somewhere to kick start your personal growth journey, revisit an age-old concern or try a new approach; drop by Thrive Wellness Hub and experience a new journey to an improved you.