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Inner City Winemakers

Cellar Door in the City

Here locals and visitors alike can sample our unique range of wines at our cellar door and winery.

Bringing the cellar door experience to the city through their own unique range of wines is the essence of Newcastle's Inner City Winemakers.

Located in Church St, Wickham, owner Rob Wilce's idea to start producing wine and selling via a cellar door experience in the CBD has, not surprisingly, been embraced by locals.

We first caught up with Rob when Inner City Winemakers had just opened in Wickham, now a few years later, the business is continuing to bring its unique experience to town and even doing better than ever before.

Rob has been sourcing grapes from a variety of wine regions since 2009, such as our very own Hunter Valley as well as Tenterfield and Orange. With this diversity, Rob has been able to craft an extensive collection of wines, ranging from sparkling reds and whites through to the fortified variety.

“Our wines are created using only the finest quality grapes sourced from various regions in NSW such as New England, Hunter Valley, Mudgee, Orange and Hilltops. The wine is made in our Wickham Winery and cellar door.”

A visit to Inner City Winemakers sure won’t be your usual wine tasting experience. From entering the front door, you’ll feel like you’ve been welcomed into an old friend’s living room. It’s homely, warm and full of wine; the dream living room if you ask me.

You’ll be looked after by either Rob or one of his experienced team, where you’ll be talked through the range of wines available all whilst sitting right next to the wine making action.

 “All our staff have had an active role in the creating of the wines all the way from blending the wine styles to creating the label design. So, we all share the same passion in what we do.”

Taking a closer look at the Inner City Winemakers bottles, the labels are just exquisite; all donning their own unique personality and character. With their most recent collaboration with the help of local illustrator, Hannah Brien, otherwise known as Noods Creative.

Rob saw the opportunity for the business to become more than just about wine. The decision to open the space to local artists has proved to be a move in the right direction.

The concept has taken off with gallery openings being held every 5-6 weeks and the always popular cheese and wine tasting nights every 6-8 weeks. The intimate space holds around 50 guests and, with word spreading about the quality of the food and entertainment, this winning formula has proven a success for Rob and artists alike.

Blending a love of inner city culture with a passion for great Australian wines, Inner City Winemakers is unique in all of its glory; from the location and their wines to the interiors.

Whilst the Hunter Valley may only be an hours drive up the road, it's quite a treat to be able to experience the warmth and unique hospitality you come to expect at a cellar door so close to home.

Inner City Winemakers

28 Church Street, Wickham NSW 2293

Today - 1000 - 1700