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The Movement Collective

Building a body that is strong, mobile and moves freely

It's all about moving in ways you didn't think you could anymore.

Some people like to run, others swim or dance, some lift weights or even climb walls. Then there are people like Rod Cooper, who simply like to move. Whilst it’s fair to say we all move, I can guarantee you that most of us don’t move quite like Rod does.

the movement collective waratah newcastle nsw

Training under the Ido Portal method, who is considered to be the guru of movement, gave Rod the passion and knowledge to move his body the way it was designed to move. Pushing the boundaries every day to improve mobility, strength, and skills and most of all, basic human movement patterns.

For Rod, however, it’s not all about learning cool skills, toning up, and getting fit, one of Rod’s main goals is to be able to move pain-free for as long as possible and have complete control over every part of his body.

Rod has a range of different classes for you to choose from including; Movement Class, Dance Class, Antifragile Class, and the Move Well Class. Each class is designed to cater to beginners and advanced alike.

the movement collective waratah newcastle nsw

There are even some classes for the kids to get them moving and away from the digital stuff. Rod wares the kids out with a whole bunch of running, jumping, flipping, twisting, crawling, and climbing activities that help them to grow and be strong. 

The Movement Collective

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