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KX Pilates

The modern and sleek pilates studio in Newcastle East

Founded by Aaron Smith in Melbourne back in 2010, the modern evolution of reformer Pilates has now boomed to over 70 studios Australia wide in just ten years. With such success across the country, it was hard for one KX Pilates fan to believe Newcastle didn’t have one of its own.

“When my partner found out he was moving here for work, I looked up where the closest KX Studio was so we could live nearby.  I realised there wasn’t one and I was really surprised because I thought there would be one open in Newcastle” Ashley said.

kx pilates studio newcastle east

Born and bred in Adelaide, owner of KX Pilates Newcastle, Ashley Adair has been a passionate KX client since 2017 and couldn’t wait to bring Newcastle a taste of the KX philosophy.

“We started looking at this exact space almost 18 months ago and it’s been vacant since the building was built. I remember when I came and looked at it and it was just perfect. The view was amazing, the space was great.”

kx pilates studio newcastle east

After a few hiccups along the way with COVID restrictions putting a hold on things and the reformer beds being stranded overseas, Ashley finally went full-steam ahead with the fit-out taking place in August with the help of Adrian from After Dark Design.

kx pilates studio newcastle east

Whilst it’s obviously all about the workouts you’ll be doing, it helps that the space is just so dang beautiful! With a refined colour palette, and minimalistic design that still packs a punch; gone are the days of daggy fitness studios.

“You want to walk into a KX Studio and know that it’s a KX studio. So, they’re all similar but have their own little flair and personalities.”

So, what exactly is KX Pilates and what does it stand for?

“It stands for the Kaizen Experience. It’s a Japanese term that means change for the better and consistent improvements; just always working towards something better and that's the philosophy behind KX.”

kx pilates studio newcastle east

With KX Pilates Newcastle opening over the weekend of 31 October 2020, the local fitness studio has received nothing but positive feedback.

“It’s been amazing here in Newcastle, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming.”

The class schedule is suitable for almost everyone with plenty of time slots offered every day of the week and is taken by one of the team’s six trainers, so you’ll always have a fresh routine to give a crack.

kx pilates studio newcastle east

“All of our trainers, including myself have gone through the KX academy, which is a 6-week intensive course. They basically go over what KX is and this is how we want our classes taught. Each of the trainers here have got their own fitness backgrounds, so they all bring something unique to the team.”

If you haven’t done Pilates before or even if you have, KX is all about the full-body workout; arms, abs, butt, everything. In each class, you’ll target everything including getting a good amount of cardio in there.

kx pilates studio newcastle east

“It’s not just slow movements, we do get your heart rate going and get you sweating. You get such a good workout but it’s not a fatigue kind of feeling. You’ll feel so good afterward.”

KX Pilates offers a number of membership options that can suit your own personal goals including a five-class intro offer, as well as both monthly and yearly packs.