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Creating safe and inclusive events for queer friends and allies

Photography courtesy of Brooke Tunbridge and Double Denim Studio

In 2021, Newcastle saw itself land a new initiative that has evolved the local queer landscape for the better. Brought to you by Jasmine Fletcher, a queer, non-binary multidisciplinary artist, and event producer, Queer & Now, is an event cooperative with the aim to empower and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community by providing a platform for artists, performers, and musicians.

queer and now group newcastle nsw

Jasmine (they/them), originally from Tauranga, Aotearoa, New Zealand, relocated with their family to Newcastle in 2009 and has since stayed here in town due to their connection to the incredible community and growing local talent & creative scene.

The inclusive, not-for-profit community-based organisation, Queer & Now, aims to foster social connections and provides another platform for the local LGBTQIA+ community and creatives.

queer and now group newcastle nsw

“The catalyst was hearing the calls from the community for the need for more inclusive and intersectional spaces in Mulubinba/Newcastle… I’d constantly hear of people new to the area looking for social connections, access to resources, or simply and rightfully so, a place to belong and find your queer family,” Jasmine shared.

Since launching last year, the group has received a great response from the community and a consistent line-up of events moving into 2022.

“After those first few events, everyone was asking me when the next event would be on and so many people were sharing their memories from our events on socials which was so heart-warming.”

queer and now group newcastle nsw

So, when exactly are the next Queer & Now hosted events due to pop-up across Newcastle?

“Queer & Now is programming two events in May which is a part of the ‘Pacific Nights’ series, funded by the council and facilitated by Octapod. These events will be in our local parks, where you can catch our DJ Showcase and Live Music Showcase.”

In addition to the upcoming events planned for May, Queer & Now have big hopes to expand its inclusive events into the realm of sober hangs, social meetups, exhibitions, and more.

queer and now group newcastle nsw

“If there is anyone out there looking to jump on a creative and community-based venture, get in contact! I’m constantly looking for ideas, collaborations, and feedback so that we can keep coming back bigger and better.”

The newly-launched initiative, Queer & Now, is ready and welcoming for anyone keen to be involved in the network of community-minded individuals. Stay connected with everything happening with Queer & Now on Facebook and Instagram or reach out to Jasmine at [email protected]

queer and now group newcastle nsw

“To all our queers and allies, come to our events and show your support for the community and the arts.”

Next Event

OUT LOUD | 13 May
On the 13th of May, OUT LOUD presented by Queer & Now will take the stage at The Gal on Beaumont St, serving a roving collection of performances, dancing, and big community love.
Where: The Gal | 3/5 Beaumont St, Hamilton
When: 13 May | 6pm-12pm
More Info: click here

Queer & Now