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Do something in Newcastle you've never done before

We've put together a list of some of Newcastle's secret hidden gems. How many have you done?

1. Climbing The Tower

We're all aware of it, but have you ever considered climbing it? That is Newcastle's Christ Church Cathedral. With the repairs and restorations all complete the tower has been reopened for all to enjoy the 360-degree uninterrupted views of Newcastle and beyond. 

Whilst the views are incredible (see above), the highlight is getting there. Climbing the stairs into the bell tower and catching a glimpse at the inner workings of this spectacular building is well worth doing.

2. Private Pool

Did you know Newcastle has its very own rooftop pool?  There may not actually be any water in but it's still very cool. 

Located on the rooftop of Watt Space Gallery, 'Private Pool' was painted by Newcastle based artist Lucas Grogan. Using his trademark blues and whites, it's a striking work that can now be easily seen from within the NeW Space.

3. The Cellar at Reserve

You may have had a wine or two at Reserve but what you may not know is that below is one very impressive Cellar that holds all the liquid loot. Patrick from Reserve explains, 

"It was originally used as a storage space for the ANZ bank and now the original vault, with its two foot deep steel door, is where we keep the European wines and magnums of Lake's Folly. The cellar roughly holds over 300 dozen wines which change all the time - with the most expensive bottle in the cellar being a 9 litre Salmanazar of Lake's Folly, which is currently on the bar - and retails for around $2k."

4. The Reservoir

The discreet Brown St entrance gives no indication at the engineering marvel that lies beneath what is one of Australia's oldest Reservoirs. As you descend the steel staircase imagine two million litres of water sloshing around as you wander the internal stone archways and admire the 32 four-metre high brick columns. Reopening to the public in 2015 tours are conducted by a ballot several times a year.

5. The Fairy Garden

One of the most delightful finds that we've come across is The Fairy Garden in Broadmeadow. Created by local resident Merv Moyle for his daughters back in the 70's, and maintained ever since, this quiet little corner is an absolute winner with the kids.

Wandering through the tiny garden paths you'll discover all kinds of magic including the letterbox that the little ones can post their letters to the fairies to, and perhaps get one in return.

6. Bootleg Bakery

We love an off-the-beaten-track cafe where there's fine coffee, freshly baked pastries and a place for our four-footed friends. There's also a beautiful park just across the road where you can relax under the trees and let the kids roam free.

7. United Service Club

Since 1927 the club has been 'Championing camaraderie'. Located on Newcastle's Watt St whilst the building itself is historical it's what lies within that offers the most interest, with memorabilia of all kinds on display and hero's remembered. With a bar on site, as Jordan wrote on their facebook page 'It's like having a beer in a museum!'

For the foodies out there if you haven't been to already here's a few gems you need to know about...

8. The Greek Taverna

'Am I back in Greece or what!!', said Spero Davias.

If you're wanting to experience Greek without making the 15,000km journey then the Greek Taverna is the way to go. The food is described as traditional with faultless flavours, the Lemon Potatoes and Loukoumades are a favourite. It's not only the food the atmopshere is also a winner as are those desserts.

9. Fukusui Teppanyaki

Warners Bay has been, for years, the place to be for authentic Japanese, and if you like your food with a dash of theatre then take a seat at the Teppanyaki bar. The foods always amazing but it's the staff and the flying food that makes this a real winner. Just one tip, don't wear your Sunday best as it gets a little messy.

10. Tracks Cafe

Even though things are a little hectic at Civic Station if you're floating around and are in need of a quality sandwich this little gem is worth dropping into. The Kiosk at Civic Station has been punching out quality sandwiches to passer-byers for as long as we can remember.