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Interactive light mural now on Darby Street

Have you interacted with Darby Street’s newest mural yet?

The Newcastle City Business Improvement Association (Newcastle BIA) is leading the charge with placemaking and beautification programs in Newcastle’s CBD. In 2022, the Newcastle BIA commissioned a bold artwork to activate an area of the CBD with an interactive mural, the first of its kind in Newcastle.

darby street light mural cooks hill newcastle nsw

The Wall Station successfully pitched the concept of a mural with lights, forming a collaborative team involving Jacinta Fintan from The Wall Station, local mural artist, Nick Fintan, and Jared Lawlor from Herb Garden who came together to hunt down the perfect wall.

“The BIA Board is looking for ways to create more safe spaces for the community in the CBD. We are calling it ‘beautification with a purpose’ in this case, combining art with lighting in a laneway that was looking quite dark and dubious. We hope to collaborate with other artists on similar projects in the future,” Chair of the Newcastle BIA, Kendall Brooks said.

The mural is installed on a pedestrian walkway next door to Goldberg’s on Darby Street.

darby street light mural cooks hill newcastle nsw

“This bold public artwork activates the space with fresh art and interactive lighting, inviting visitors to walk through the space to experience the mural.

“The Darby Street Light Mural transforms a once-ignored area into a visually stimulating environment. Public art works have been proven to attract people, increasing the sense of community presence and collective ownership, and ultimately improving safety,” Nick Fintan said.

Nick’s collage-style mural works harmoniously with Jared’s interactive LED lighting installation. As visitors walk through the space, the colours and timing of the artwork’slighting changes.