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A portrait of Gordana Kotevski to be painted by renowned muralist Reubszz

For Novocastrians living in Newcastle in 1994, you will remember the disappearance of 16-year-old Gordana Kotevski.

It was November 24, 1994 when Gordana planned to walk to her aunt's house from Charlestown Square when she finished shopping, just a 500 metre walk away. Tragically, Gordana never made it there. 

Gordana's disappearance has become one of Australia's most notorious missing person cases, and Gordana's family and friends have never given up hope on finding out answers.

gordana kotevski mural newcastle
Gordana Kotevski

As the 30 year anniversary of her disappearance draws closer, a tribute is being lead by members of Gordana's family together with The Wall Station who are bringing to Newcastle renowned muralist Reubszz who will be painting a beautiful portrait of Gordana. Her friends and family hope it inspires people to remember her life and the ongoing search into answers around her disappearance. 

Reubszz is a Sydney based large-scale portrait muralist. Originally from Aoeteroa New Zealand, he completed his BMA in Australia, majoring in Painting and Illustration, and is best known for his realistic approach.

Using acrylics and aerosol paint, drawing inspiration from his own photographs to explore human relationships and everyday issues and for this special project, Reubszz will reference photos of Gordana provided by her family.

The Wall Station is donating their time to help Gordana’s family coordinate this mural to help Gordana's life be remembered, and bring attention to violence against women.

The mural, which will be near Charlestown Square, is being funded by the family through crowdfunding, and they are requesting the support of the public to get the mural off the ground.

“We are working to secure a large prominent wall in Charlestown," said The Wall Station’s Jacinta Fintan.

"We are halfway to the target on the crowdfunding site, plus there will be a few thousand from the movie and race day fundraiser Gordana’s family friend Dana Pichaloff has coordinated, so it is going well and we expect to reach our target of $20,000."

Donations over $2 are tax deductible, with all proceeds going towards covering the artist's costs and contributing to the Missed Foundation, which raises awareness and advocates for families with missing family members. 

To donate to the mural project, click here.